Updated stationery highlights Nebraska N

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Updated stationery highlights Nebraska N


Campus letterhead, business cards and envelopes will sport a new look as part of a cost-saving and identity-reinforcing update set forth by the University of Nebraska system.

The stationery for each of the system’s four institutions will now feature university-specific iconography — for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, that means the Nebraska N. The update to stationery is the first in more than a decade. Learn more about the universitywide stationery initiative.

Along with integrating iconography, the initiative also establishes bulk-purchasing protocols intended to cut costs, standardizes paper use across institutions, and introduces new templates for multi-university personnel.

“The redesigned stationery materials truly leverage our recent update of the Nebraska N, which is Nebraska’s most recognizable mark,” said Marcelo Plioplis, creative director with University Communication. “Standardizing the look, as well as production, helps elevate our brand through the prominent use of the icon.”

For environmental and budgetary reasons, university offices should use the stationery materials they have in stock before ordering materials from the new set. Once existing stationery is gone, offices can purchase the new materials from Print Services.

Acting on recommendations from a systemwide Budget Response Team, communicators and printers from all four universities developed the new stationery standards, which went into effect March 11.

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