Up close, in person | Photo of the Week

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Up close, in person | Photo of the Week

Students look into a microscope during a microbiology lab on Jan. 24.
Craig Chandler | University Communication

Huskers completing a microbiology and human health (BIOS 111) lab in Beadle Hall use microscopes on Jan. 24, viewing slides they prepared as part of an assignment.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has started the spring semester offering the vast majority of its classes in person. The plan is backed by the university-run saliva-based COVID-19 testing program that continues to return most results in less than 24 hours. Spring semester protocols have included a round of re-entry testing for all Huskers on campus and the use of facial coverings when indoors. The university is transitioning to a random-mitigation testing model of all students, faculty and staff — regardless of vaccination status — for the week of Jan. 31. Notifications for the random testing are sent to those selected via email every Thursday. The first round was issued Jan. 27.

Learn more about the university's ongoing response to the global pandemic, including protocols in place for the spring semester.

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