UNL Today enters fall semester with new look

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UNL Today enters fall semester with new look

A new version of UNL Today is launching alongside the fall semester. This page, which is the regular guide to news, information and events on campus, appears as UNL’s homepage on campus and is administered by the University Communications news team.

The reconfigured site features current news and calendar items to inform the UNL community and help in navigating the day on campus. Updated regularly, it also carries social media feeds, links to campus resources and the latest national news headlines featuring UNL faculty, staff, administrators and students.

The UNL Today electronic newsletter (formerly Today@UNL), distributed via email to faculty, staff and subscribers, returns as a regular news digest of top news headlines.

Members of the campus community can continue to submit news and events for consideration for the UNL Today homepage and electronic newsletter through the UNL Announce system, available at http://newsroom.unl.edu/announce.

To see UNL Today on the unl.edu website when you are off-campus, go to http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday.

The University Communications news team serves the university by promoting notable and unique research, honors and scholarly activity, informing campus and the public of UNL events, milestones and resources, and sharing stories that highlight university people and places.

The news team includes:

  • Steve Smith, news director, who is responsible for all UNL-level news content and platforms. He works with administrators, faculty and representatives from UNL’s various colleges on all matters of communications; writes and edits news releases; works with media to connect them with campus sources; coordinates news conferences; is the university’s spokesman; manages UNL news social media feeds; and is a member of the university’s crisis-management communications team. Contact him at 402-472-4226 or ssmith13@unl.edu.

  • Troy Fedderson, internal news editor, who oversees and edits UNL Today and its electronic newsletter as well as the Scarlet, the monthly print newspaper for faculty and staff. He also writes and edits news releases; and works with faculty, staff, administrators, campus communicators and others to report stories of interest for campus audiences. Contact him at 402-472-8515 or tfedderson2@unl.edu.

  • Tom Simons, news coordinator, who oversees all aspects of University Communications’ news releases including their preparation, development and scheduling. He also works with members of the media to connect them with campus sources and writes about scientific research at the university. Reach him at 402-472-8514 or tsimons1@unl.edu.

  • Leslie Reed, national news editor, who is a news writer and editor who places UNL sources and stories in national media. She works with faculty, staff, administrators and campus communicators to identify and write news stories with a potential national audience and regularly maintains contact with the national media to help position UNL as a national leader. Contact her at 402-472-2059 or lreed5@unl.edu.

  • Deann Gayman, public relations writer/editor, who works with the College of Arts and Sciences to create news content to inform campus and elevate the college’s reputation. She writes and edits stories on the research that is happening within the college as well as achievements of its students and faculty. She also produces Columns, a biannual magazine geared toward alumni and donors of the College of Arts and Sciences. Reach her at 402-472-8320 or deann.gayman@unl.edu.

  • Haley Dover, news writer, who is a senior news-editorial journalism major at UNL and is a general-assignment writer. Among her duties are student news, faculty awards and events, feature writing and assisting with the UNL Today webpage and electronic newsletter. Reach her at haleydover@gmail.com.

The news team reports to Meg Lauerman, director of University Communications.

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