UNL in the national news: August 2013

UNL in the national news: August 2013

UNL in the national media

National media outlets featured and cited UNL sources on a number of topics in the past month. Appearances included:

Jim Lewis, mathematics, was quoted in an Aug. 2 Science 360 article about a $5.5 million grant for a joint project with Omaha Public Schools to improve math teaching. http://go.unl.edu/dx5

Law professor Josephine Potuto, former chairwoman of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, was interviewed Aug. 5 by the New York Times about the potential fallout from an investigation whether Heisman winner Johnny Manziel was paid for signing autographs. http://go.unl.edu/rn5

UNL music professor Robert H. Woody offered tips for avoiding stage fright in a Aug. 5 Psychology Today blog post. http://go.unl.edu/kpx

Christal Sheppard, a patent expert at the College of Law, spoke to the Wall Street Journal for an Aug. 5 story on how an Obama administration decision in an Apple Inc. patent case could affect the patent wars between big technology companies. http://go.unl.edu/xkj

U.S. News & World Report quoted Donna Dudney, finance, in an Aug. 7 article about how to save money by avoiding late fees. http://go.unl.edu/w3m

Wheeler Winston Dixon, film studies, explained why Hollywood increasingly relies on retreads – sequels, prequels, remakes and spinoffs – for the summer movie season in an Aug. 7 USA TODAY story. Dixon also was quoted Aug. 9 by the Arizona Republic about why “The Lone Ranger” remake bombed. He was interviewed Aug. 12 by a Nevada NPR affiliate about famous books made into movies. http://go.unl.edu/eyn http://go.unl.edu/2hy http://go.unl.edu/xfe

Peter Harms, management, opined on how narcissism shaped broadcaster Rush Limbaugh’s success for an Aug. 8 Salon.com blog post co-authored with Ross Benes. http://go.unl.edu/o9m

The University of Nebraska College of Law’s establishment of a space law doctorate program this fall was reported by The Associated Press on Aug. 8, Inside Higher Ed on Aug. 20, and USA TODAY on Aug. 27. http://go.unl.edu/6fm http://go.unl.edu/ebx

NPR quoted John Hibbing, political science, in a Aug. 12 blog item about whether Republicans and Democrats can make happy marriages. http://go.unl.edu/7ux

William Thomas, history, was among the experts who analyzed the impact of TV coverage on the 1963 March on Washington in an Aug. 19 report in USA TODAY. The unprecedented overage helped establish the march as a civil rights milestone. "It allowed people to be in front of the camera and allowed them to be seen and for their voices literally to be heard," Thomas said.

USA TODAY and Today Health cited a 2011 study by UNL doctoral student Amanda Holman in Aug. 13 stories about whether the so-called “hook-up culture” means casual sex is more common among today’s college students. http://go.unl.edu/oqo http://go.unl.edu/490

Slate’s Future Tense posted an Aug. 14 podcast interviewing Matt Waite, journalism, about using drones to gather news. On Aug. 27, the FAA’s temporary grounding of outdoor drone flights was reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, among others. http://go.unl.edu/uux http://go.unl.edu/d5c

Science 360 featured Steven DiMagno, chemistry, Aug. 15 about how he and his research team developed an improved medical diagnostic tool and now are working to bring it to the commercial world. http://go.unl.edu/0rq

Alumnus Glenn Korff’s $8 million gift to the UNL School of Music was reported by the Associated Press on Aug. 21 in a story that was covered by outlets nationwide. Members of the UNL Band later traveled to visit Korff at his Colorado home. Korff died unexpectedly only a week after the gift was announced. http://go.unl.edu/4rs

An Aug. 22 Associated Press story announced the completion of the East Stadium addition – which expanded Memorial Stadium to more than 90,000 seats and provides new laboratory space for brain research and sports performance research. Other widely carried UNL-based AP reports included an Aug. 19 story about Nebraska’s State Tree, the cottonwood, facing declining populations; and an Aug. 22 report that college attendance is up in the state. http://go.unl.edu/8w8 http://go.unl.edu/6n9 http://go.unl.edu/beh

Nature's Aug. 22 edition highlighted Sally Mackenzie, a plant biologist at UNL, as among those exploring new genetic engineering techniques that don't trigger federal regulatory oversight. http://go.unl.edu/0vx

The opening of the Phi Theta Kappa fraternity house, which is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, was covered by Inside Higher Ed on Aug. 28. It is part of a national trend toward more faith-based housing on public campuses. http://go.unl.edu/jq6

Yahoo! Finance was among outlets reporting a new agreement between UNL and Bayer CropScience to develop new soybean varieties. UNL has an earlier agreement with the company to develop wheat varieties. http://go.unl.edu/gti

Evidence of an early Jurassic earthquake, found in Utah’s Zion National Park by David Loope of UNL, was featured in an Aug. 24 LiveScience.com article. http://go.unl.edu/jwk

UNL is a national leader in a program that brings Brazilian science students to U.S. campuses, Inside Higher Ed reported on Aug. 29. UNL has hosted a total of 91 students through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Undergraduate Program, placing it among the top three participating U.S. institutions. http://go.unl.edu/nd7

Susan Swearer, educational psychology, was quoted in an Aug. 30 Los Angeles Times article offering advice to parents worried about bullying and other problems in school. http://go.unl.edu/29s

This is a monthly column featuring UNL faculty, administrators and staff in the national news. National media often work with University Communications to identify and connect with UNL sources for the purpose of including the university's research, expertise and programming in published or broadcasted work. 

Faculty, administration, student and staff appearances in the national media are logged at http://newsroom.unl.edu/inthenews/

If you have additions to this list or suggestions for national news stories, contact Leslie Reed at lreed5@unl.edu or 402-472-2059.

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