University's COVID-19 testing continues to offer next-day results

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University’s COVID-19 testing continues to offer next-day results

Nearly 25,000 samples to be processed for the start of the spring semester

While demand increases with the approaching start of the spring semester, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s COVID-19 testing program continues to deliver next-day results to all Huskers.

Launched in January 2021, the on-campus, saliva-based testing program has processed nearly 250,000 individual tests. It is expected to add an estimated 25,000 to that total as part of the university’s re-entry testing for the spring 2022 semester.

Operated by the university through an accredited East Campus lab, the testing program is processing results and releasing them to individuals by the evening hours of the day after samples are collected. For instance, a Husker who tested Jan. 6 should expect a result to be issued during the evening of Jan. 7.

The testing team’s efficiency does often allow for results to be issued prior to its one-day promise.

Grace and flexibility from the greater campus community is especially important as the university’s COVID-19 response team focuses their work on supporting Huskers who have tested positive. Individuals awaiting results who call, text or email for more information about a single test reduce capacity to support fellow Huskers dealing with quarantine, isolation and related pandemic issues.

The university issues COVID-19 testing results via the Safer Community app. Huskers can also track their results through the university’s COVID-19 testing portal. Both the app and portal allow users to set testing appointments.

All Huskers — students, faculty and staff — who will have an on-campus presence during the spring semester are required to take part in a single round of COVID-19 re-entry testing. To accommodate the testing, the university is offering expanded availability through Jan. 21. Testing will switch to a random mitigation model after re-entry is complete.

Due to increased demand in the first weeks of the semester, individuals testing voluntarily for an upcoming event should plan to test two days prior. This will allow necessary time for a test to be processed and result delivered.

Details on testing results for the entire campus community are available through the university’s COVID-19 dashboard. Data on the dashboard is updated daily.

Learn more about the university’s ongoing response to the pandemic and its plans for the start of the spring semester.

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