University vehicles now have online mileage e-Log

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University vehicles now have online mileage e-Log


University drivers now have a smartphone/tablet/laptop compatible online mileage e-Log available for use in all university vehicles. Drivers are encouraged to start using the e-Log right away, eliminating the need to maintain paper mileage logs to document university vehicle travel.

SmartPhone e-Log screenshot (click to enlarge).

The online mileage e-Log can be found here.

Advantages to using the online e-Log are:

Secure – TrueYou Authentication permits only authorized driver’s access to the e-Log.

Discount – Utilizing the online e-Log allows for a Voyager discount on fuel purchased.

Clean – Elimination of touch points (no paper or pen or clipboard required).

Accurate – Validation checks and real-time updates improve accuracy.

University-wide – e-Log is available for use in all university vehicles.

Reference – Drivers can look up their last entry when returning rental vehicles.

History – Drivers will soon be able to request or look up past e-Logs.

Compliance – e-Log is compliant with Nebraska Statute 81-1025 and university policy.

Paper reduction – Starting July 1, departments utilizing the e-Log do not need to collect paper mileage logs and enter end-of-month usage readings. (Unless all travel was recorded using e-Log, the prior months odometer and days use entry and two-year paper log retention is still required).

How e-Log works

At the start of each day/trip/use the driver logs into e-Log using TrueYou, enters or selects the vehicle (unit, year, make, model, license number and odometer are displayed), enters the odometer reading and destination/use/project name, then clicks submit. Having logged in using TrueYou, the driver and date/time are automatically recorded. At the end of the day/trip/use, the driver repeats the process to complete the day’s log.

Note: Departments may elect to continue using paper mileage logs for department owned or monthly rental vehicles, but to comply with Nebraska statute and university policy, additional end-of-month odometer & days use readings entry and two-year paper mileage log retention procedures must be followed.

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