University eliminates mask use as county status shifts to 'green'

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University eliminates mask use as county status shifts to ‘green’

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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has eliminated all remaining requirements for face mask use in classrooms.

The move reflects a March 22 Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department announcement that its COVID-19 Risk Dial is now in “green” status. The update comes as local trends continue to show minimal transition of the virus in the community, campus spread remains low and experts at the Centers for Disease Control are currently not closely monitoring a COVID-19 variant of concern.

Chancellor Ronnie Green announced March 20 that the university would curtail all mask use on campus when the local COVID-19 Risk Dial changed to green. He also pledged that that the university would continue to safeguard the university based on science and guidance from health officials.

“Science has given us many tools to fight this virus — effective vaccines, better monitoring and treatments to lessen the impacts of the disease,” Green said. “As we have done throughout this pandemic, we will continue to be guided by the science, data and our public health experts.”

The university’s public transportation, Children’s Center and all on-campus medical clinics/buildings continue to follow masking policies at this time. All other exceptions to mask use on campus have ended.

The shift also eliminates the need for approvals for all on-campus events with attendance of more than 500.

The university will continue to offer voluntary COVID-19 testing to students, faculty and staff.

For more updates on the university’s COVID-19 stance, including policy adjustments and testing availability, click here.

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