'Tunnel to Summer' opens Nov. 17 at the Ross

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‘Tunnel to Summer’ opens Nov. 17 at the Ross

A film still from "Tunnel to Summer."

A story of nostalgia, young love and bending time based on the award-winning manga, “The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes” opens Nov. 17 at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.

Continuing is “Anatomy of a Fall.”

The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes Trailer | HIDIVE
Trailer for "The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes"

The Urashima Tunnel can grant any wish — for a price. High school boy Kaoru, plagued by a troubled past, teams up with Anzu, a girl who struggles to place obligations before her dreams, to investigate the tunnel. But the cost of their hearts’ desires may be too high to pay. “Tunnel to Summer,” based on the best selling novel and magna, is an unforgettable story of nostalgia, young love and bending time.

“Tunnel to Summer” will be presented in Japanese with English subtitles all days except Tuesdays. Tuesday screenings will be in English with no subtitles. It is showing through Nov. 30.

ANATOMY OF A FALL - Official Trailer
Trailer for "Anatomy of a Fall"

In “Anatomy of a Fall,” for the past year, Sandra (Sandra Hüller), her husband, Samuel (Samuel Theis), and their 11-year-old son, Daniel (Milo Machado Graner), have lived a secluded life in a remote town in the French Alps. When Samuel is found dead in the snow below their chalet, the police question whether he was murdered or died by suicide. Samuel’s suspicious death is presumed murder, and Sandra becomes the main suspect.

What follows is not just an investigation into the circumstances of Samuel’s death but an unsettling psychological journey into the depths of Sandra and Samuel’s conflicted relationship. The film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes 2023.

“Anatomy of a Fall,” which is rated R for some language, sexual references and violent images, is showing through Nov. 22.

Learn more about the films, including show times and ticket availability.

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