TIPS offers way to report campus matters, concerns

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TIPS offers way to report campus matters, concerns

The University of Nebraska offers an entry point for the university community to report matters they feel need to be elevated or addressed. TIPS, an online reporting system, can be accessed via a permanent link in the footer of the university’s home page.

Reports can be made anonymously and confidentially about matters ranging from discrimination or inappropriate behavior to acts of kindness.

Upon submission, the TIPS reports go to Awareity, an outside firm, to protect anonymity and confidentiality. They are then forwarded to a team of university administrators assigned to handle reports submitted through the system.

Nebraska is among a number of colleges and universities around the nation who have added similar services. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to become familiar with the TIPS service by clicking here.

While TIPS provides an additional on-campus resource for the university, it is not a 911 or emergency reporting site. Reports submitted through the service may not receive an immediate response. If any member of the university community sees an emergency in progress, they should call the university police department at 402-472-2222 (2-2222 from an on-campus phone) or 911 right away.

Sign up for UNL Alert: Separately, the university will continue to employ the UNL Alert mass notification system to rapidly send messages to campus in the event of an emergency or severe weather situation. The system sends text messages and emails to the device and address that users designate. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to sign up at The system also appears simultaneously on the following university Twitter accounts: @PrepareUNL, @UNLPD, @NebToday and @UNLincoln.

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