Timelapse project showcases swan's return to Sandhills

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Timelapse project showcases swan’s return to Sandhills

Video: Return of the Swan

The Platte Basin Timelapse project recently published a story, photo essay and video collection that spotlights the largest waterfowl species in the world, the trumpeter swan. Once nearly hunted to extinction, swans have been reintroduced in the Nebraska Sandhills, where they thrive today. With “Return of the Swan,” the Platte Basin Timelapse project highlights a conservation success story, and challenges on the horizon.

“Return of the Swan” features photos and an essay by project co-founder and photographer Michael Forsberg. It also introduces readers and viewers to researchers who have worked to protect trumpeter swans and their habitat, as well as ranchers who live alongside these birds.

Watch the 10-minute “Return of the Swan” video. or access photos and related resources on the Platte Basin Timelapse website.

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