Sunday with a Scientist to explore wildlife (in a petri dish)

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Sunday with a Scientist to explore wildlife (in a petri dish)

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Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing
The University of Nebraska State Museum is located in Morrill Hall, southwest of the corner of 14th and Vine streets.

The wildlife in a drop of water will be the focus the next Sunday with a Scientist program at the University of Nebraska State Museum.

The virtual “Serengeti in a Petri Dish” program is 2 to 2:45 p.m. July 25 and available via Zoom or Facebook Live. Miranda Salsbery, a doctoral candidate in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s School of Biological Sciences will lead the program, showcasing the wild creatures that live in water.

Salsbery will lead an exploration of two water samples, allowing participants to compare and contrast strategies for life in the tiny organisms that are found. Possible sea creature encounters include protists, rotifers, insects and crustaceans.

Salsbery will also discuss her research on paramecia, microscopic, single-celled critters (that look like hairy pickles) and live in the water. One of her current projects is investigating a specific virus that invades cilia – the hairy structures that cover the body of a paramecium and allow it to move. The virus doesn’t make the paramecium sick though. Rather, it’s on the hunt for algae that lives inside the tiny creatures.

Those interested in participating may register online or visit the Morrill Hall Facebook page for the Facebook Live presentation.

Sunday with a Scientist is a monthly event that highlights the work of scientists, while educating children, families and the university community on a variety of topics related to science and natural history. Presenters share scientific information in a fun, informal way through demonstrations, activities or by conducting science on site. During the spring 2021 semester, events will be hosted virtually over Zoom and Facebook Live.

Find more information about Sunday with a Scientist, including upcoming topics, here.

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