Student insurance transition underway

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Student insurance transition underway

The university has partnered with United Healthcare Student Resources to provide insurance coverage options to students.
The university has partnered with United Healthcare Student Resources to provide insurance coverage options to students.

The University of Nebraska has selected United Healthcare Student Resources to provide student insurance coverage.

United Healthcare was selected in April. The change was made due to curtail increasing premiums and out-of-pocket costs to students using the previous plan.

Enrollment eligibility includes undergraduate or graduate students taking six or more credits in a degree-seeking program, graduate assistants enrolled in at least one credit hour, and all international students. Unless a waiver is filed, graduate assistants and international students are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan. Learn more about student insurance coverage at Nebraska.

Important facts about the new plan for graduate assistants and university employees who work with these students:

  • Enrollment is initiated once an academic department submits to payroll information on graduate assistants. On Aug. 7, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln processed 1,300 graduate assistant requests.

  • After the university initiates coverage, graduate assistants are required to complete the process by logging into MyRed, accessing the student accounts tab and selecting (under the important links tab) “I want my UNL health insurance card.” Students who complete this process will immediately receive an email that confirms enrollment. In approximately three business days, an email from United Healthcare Student Resources will be sent with instructions on how to get an insurance card.

As of Aug. 15, 165 international and 143 domestic students had completed the process through MyRed.

Graduate students that do not choose to accept or waive the insurance coverage will have policy numbers assigned in mid- to late-September after the waiver period has ended.

The University Health Center has continued to provide services to students automatically enrolled in the student insurance plan. The health center pharmacy has been providing prescriptions and will process them through the new insurance plan once the student provides the updated policy number.

The registration process can be expedited for students seeking immediate health care services outside of the University Health Center.

For more information about the new United Healthcare Student Resources plan, contact the University Health Center at 402-472-7435.

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