Spring Three-Week Session focuses on ACE, degree courses

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Spring Three-Week Session focuses on ACE, degree courses

Spring Three-Week Session focuses on ACE and degree courses

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic will include an optional Spring Three-Week Session.

The session will include many courses that fulfill ACE and degree requirements. There will also be newly created special topics courses, experiential learning and career readiness courses. The session runs Jan. 4-22, before the beginning of the regular spring semester.

“We have had a great response to the innovative special-topic courses created for the summer and fall three-week sessions and want to expand access to a broader set of general education and degree-related courses for students this spring,” said Elizabeth Spiller, executive vice chancellor.

Spring three-week and regular semester classes will be available for viewing in MyRED beginning Oct. 12 and for adding to shopping carts on Oct. 19. Priority registration begins Oct. 26.

Students are encouraged to register early for the Spring Three-Week Session as classes are expected to fill quickly. Scholarship and financial aid options are available to qualifying students.

The more than 60 courses offered in this session include:

Music and Sports: Performance and Perception — MUNM 301: Compare and contrast the domains of music and sports in this ACE 6 and 7 course open to non-majors. See how artistic and athletic performance can provide an enjoyable means of better understanding ourselves and the world we live in.

Active and Healthy Community — CRPL 467/867: Gain experiential learning on a current pressing issue: healthy communities. Dig into how cities and neighborhoods can have both positive and adverse effects on our health, safety and active living and how to improve these outcomes.

Introduction to Biology, Psychology, and Politics — POLS 150: How can research from psychology, biology, and neuroscience inform our thinking about political behavior? Find out in this interdisciplinary study of political psychology.

Contemporary Math — MATH 203: Explore the use of mathematics for reasoning and decision making in contemporary, real world settings like voting methods, modeling epidemics, and more.

Bias in Media — JOMC 491/891: Learn how to identify the bias present in the media beyond conservative or liberal. Explore the concept of unconscious bias, how it manifests in our decision making when creating content, and steps to take to reduce bias in content creation.

Agroforestry — NRES 417: Do you love nature? Are you interested in knowing the benefits of integrating forests and trees on public and private lands? Learn about the environmental, social, and economic attributes and opportunities associated with incorporating forests and trees in land use decisions.

Managing Behavior in Organizations — MNGT 360: Complete a core requirement for the management major and gain basic knowledge for managing people in organizations. Build critical thinking skills by examining the role of perception, personality and attitudes, motivation, leadership, group dynamics, employee engagement, organizational culture, communication and decision making in the management of work.

2020-2021: The Surprise Challenges in Occupational Safety and Health for Construction Engineering and Management — CNST 498/898: Tackle very serious problems in the construction industry in unconventional ways by bringing engineering and public health together to identify contingencies and plan for response to unexpected threats during the next 25 years.

Instructional Technology — TEAC 259: Peek into the future to explore the role of technology in the future of the teaching professions as well as the role of technology and learning in your collegiate present.

History of American Sport – HIST 222: Discover the cultural history of the United States through the prism of sports history in this ACE 5 course, from early British Festive culture sports and games to present-day athletics.

Insects in Popular Culture — ENTO 896: Enjoy a wide variety of books, movies, video games, and other media that feature entomologists or insects as major characters or themes and explore how entomology is represented (or misrepresented) in popular culture. Learn how such resources can be used to introduce entomological topics into educational programs that reduce fear, convey accurate information about biology and behavior, and increase appreciation of insects.

Introduction to Fiction Writing — ENGL 252: Learn to write vivid, imaginative, engrossing short fiction in this ACE 7 workshop-style class, where your writing will enjoy focused and constructive feedback from peers and instructor alike.

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