Semester's end brings changes to COVID-19 testing, building access

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Semester’s end brings changes to COVID-19 testing, building access

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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is preparing adjustments to COVID-19 testing and building access procedures as the spring semester draws to a close.

The university’s TestNebraska COVID-19 testing site, which uses nasal swabs and is located on 17th Street, between Vine and R streets, will end on May 7.

The university’s saliva-based testing program will continue to be available to the campus community through the summer. Use of the on-campus testing is as needed (if students, faculty or staff are symptomatic or suspect exposure) and not required as the university’s random mitigation testing program ended April 30. Students, faculty and staff can make testing appointments as needed through the Safer Community app or online COVID-19 testing portal. The University Health Center will also continue to offer nasal swab-based testing (by appointment only) through the summer.

On May 10, building access will revert to a pre-pandemic stance. Wellness attendants will no longer be stationed at building entrances and students, faculty and staff will not need to use the Safer Community app to gain access.

At this time, university leaders have not decided the status of testing or building access for the fall semester. Details for the fall semester will be announced at a later date.

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