Search advisory groups for top administrator searches named

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Search advisory groups for top administrator searches named

Chancellor-Elect Ronnie Green has appointed a pair of committees to assist in the hiring of two senior University of Nebraska-Lincoln administrators. The committees will set out to recruit, attract and evaluate potential candidates for executive vice chancellor and the vice chancellor for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, respectively.

Green announced the members of each committee in an email to Nebraska faculty and staff on May 9. International searches for both posts begin immediately, the chancellor-elect said, with intent to have the new leaders in place by January 2017.

“You may recall that when I was introduced as chancellor-elect in April, I mentioned that one of my top priorities would be to fill top leadership positions at Nebraska with an eye on forming a dream team of senior administrators,” he said. “(The committees’) work will help us attract talented, engaged, passionate leaders who will maintain and accelerate our university’s momentum as we move toward being a distinctive Big Ten university.”

The search advisory committee for the executive vice chancellor – the position formerly known as the senior vice chancellor for academic affairs – will be co-chaired by Joe Francisco, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Sherri Jones, chair of the department of special education and communication disorders.

Executive Vice Chancellor Search Advisory Committee members include:

Tammy Beck, associate dean in the College of Business Administration;

Laurie Bellows, associate dean of graduate studies;

Justin Chase Brown, director of scholarships and financial aid;

Daniel Claes, chair, department of physics and astronomy;

Gwen Combs, associate professor of management;

Ryan Downs, president of Proxibid;

Shane Farritor, professor of mechanical and materials engineering;

Sherilyn Fritz, George Holmes professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences;

Sue Gildersleeve, director of University Housing;

Amy Goodburn, associate vice chancellor of academic affairs and interim dean of enrollment management;

Tom Henning, chairman, president and CEO of Assurity Life Insurance Co.;

Christine Jackson, vice chancellor for business and finance;

Sharon Kuska, professor of architecture;

Jennifer Larsen, vice chancellor for research, University of Nebraska Medical Center;

Leemah Nasrati, president of Mortar Board;

Chuck O’Connor, dean of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts;

John Osiri, director of international business;

Angie Pannier, associate professor of biological systems engineering;

Rhonda Seacrest, external stakeholder;

Don Voelte, Seven Group Holdings (retired);

Matt Waite, professor of practice of news-editorial;

Curtis Walker, graduate student;

Katherine Walter, co-director of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities;

David Woodman, president of the Faculty Senate;

Sandy Zellmer, professor of law; and

Xiao Zeng, Ameritas professor of chemistry.


The search advisory committee for the IANR Harlan vice chancellor and NU system vice president for agriculture and natural resources will be co-chaired by Mike Johanns, former U.S. secretary of agriculture, and Tiffany Heng-Moss, associate dean in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Search Advisory Committee members include:

Jim Alfano, Bessey professor of plant pathology;

Jeff Bassford, IANR assistant vice chancellor for business and finance;

Andrew Benson, Marshall professor of food science and technology;

Kate Brooks, assistant professor of agricultural economics;

Ed Cahoon, director of the Center for Plant Science Innovation and Holmes professor of biochemistry;

Barb Cooksley, president of Nebraska Cattlemen;

Andrea Cupp, Omtvedt professor of animal science;

Rick Funston, Nebraska Cow-Calf professor of animal science;

Trenton Franz, assistant professor in the School of Natural Resources;

Kathy Hanford, professor of practice of statistics;

Spencer Hartman, president of the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska and student regent;

Lindsay Hastings, Clifton associate professor of agricultural leadership, education and communication and director of the Nebraska Human Resources Institute;

Suat Irmak, Eberhard professor of biological systems engineering;

Matt Joeckel, professor in the School of Natural Resources and director of the Conservation Survey Division;

Martha Mamo, Weaver professor of agronomy and horticulture;

Etsuko Moriyama, associate professor of Biological Sciences;

Rod Moxley, Bessey professor of veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences;

Sarah Purcell, extension educator, Southeast Research and Extension Center and Faculty Senate president-elect;

Helen Raikes, Cather professor of child, youth and family studies;

Bart Ruth, president of Agriculture Builders of Nebraska;

Melanie Simpson, Cather professor of biochemistry;

Rosalee Swartz, director, program and recruitment, agricultural economics;

Kim Todd, associate professor of agronomy and horticulture;

Larry Van Tassell, professor and head of agricultural economics;

Jorge Venegas, graduate student;

Yiqi Yang, Bessey professor of textiles, merchandising and fashion design; and

Janos Zempleni, Bessey professor of nutrition and health sciences.

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