SciPop Talks! to explore space law, comic-book physics

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SciPop Talks! to explore space law, comic-book physics


The SciPop Talks! series returns with discussions on space law and comic-book physics. Both of the free, public events start at 7 p.m. in Love Library, Room 221.

Elsbeth Magilton

The first talk, “Boldly Going: Star Trek Meets Real World Space Law,” on Feb. 6, examines how modern space law compares to the Star Trek universe. Elsbeth Magilton, executive director of the Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law program in the University of Nebraska College of Law, will examine international and domestic space law through a science-fiction lens.

The second talk, “Comic-Book Physics 101: Marvel, DC and Metallurgy,” on March 6, will be presented by Dan Claes, chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. His talk will examine the properties of Adamantium, Kryptonium, Nth Metal and Vibranium; if real-life elements mirror these fictional materials; and if super materials exist.

Dan Claes

The SciPop Talks! series facilitates the intersection of science and popular culture. The talks are sponsored by University Libraries and the Department of Chemistry. Learn more about the talks.

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