SciPop Talks series begins Feb. 7

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SciPop Talks series begins Feb. 7

Rebecca Lai, Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor of Chemistry at Nebraska, gives a SciPop Talks presentation in February 2016. The 2018 SciPop series begins Feb. 7, and Lai will present "Harry Potter x Science: A Review" on March 14.

Now that’s some sweet science. The 2018 SciPop Talks series kicks off at 7 p.m. Feb. 7 with “The Story of Chocolate: Nutrition and Sensory Qualities.”

Marilynn Schnepf, professor emerita of nutrition and health sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Rebecca Ankenbrand, founder of Lincoln-based Sweet Minou chocolate shop, will discuss the history of chocolate, potential health benefits and sensory attributes. Ankenbrand will describe how chocolate goes from bean to bar.

The SciPop Talks series, now in its fifth year, combines science and popular culture and builds on the science cafe model. It is organized and sponsored by University Libraries, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Doane University and the Nebraska Local Section of the American Chemical Society. Speakers give interactive 30-minute talks and then take questions.

All talks are at 7 p.m. in the Adele Hall Learning Commons in Love Library North, 1300 R St., and are free and open to the public. Nebraska faculty will lead each presentation.

Other SciPop talks this semester include:

  • Feb. 21: “Drug Discovery in the Movies: Fact and Fiction,” Mark Griep, associate professor of chemistry.

  • Feb. 28: “Comic Book Physics 101: The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive,” Dan Claes, chair and professor of physics and astronomy.

  • March 7: “The Science of Self: How Gender Bias and Mindsets Influence the Inner Scientist” Patricia Wonch Hill, research assistant professor of sociology.

  • March 14: “Harry Potter x Science: A Review,” Rebecca Lai, Susan J. Rosowski Associate Professor of Chemistry.

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