SciPop talk to focus on high-fidelity memes

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SciPop talk to focus on high-fidelity memes

Do you find yourself searching for hours to send the funniest meme to your friend? If so, “Memes, You’re Doing It Wrong” is the SciPop talk for you.

Brad Elder, associate professor of biology at Doane College, will explain how high-fidelity memes separates humans from everything else during the talk at 7 p.m. Feb. 10 in the Adele Hall Learning Commons in Love Library North, 13th and R streets. Popcorn will be served. The talk is free and open to the public.

The SciPop Talks! series combines science and popular culture, and the spring series will mark the third year of the popular talks. The UNL Libraries provide an online list of books and other resources for every talk, which can be found here.

The series builds on the science cafe model and is co-organized and sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln chemistry department, Doane College and the UNL University Libraries. Speakers give interactive 30-minute talks and then take questions. All talks are open to the public.

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