Ross films explore service dogs, Emily Dickinson, Cold War

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Ross films explore service dogs, Emily Dickinson, Cold War

The film "Buddy," which shows May 17-23 at the Ross, examines the connections between service dogs and their owners.
The film "Buddy," which shows May 17-23 at the Ross, examines the connections between service dogs and their owners.

Two new films — one a poignant portrait of six service dogs, the other a touching reappraisal of the work of poet Emily Dickinson — open May 17 at the Nebraska’s Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.

Created by renowned documentary filmmaker Heddy Honigmann, “Buddy” explores the close bond between service dogs and their owners. The film — which features Honingmann interviewing the owners — is an ode to the fighting spirit of dog owners and a loving portrait of the deep bond between man and dog.

BUDDY | Official Trailer
Trailer: "Buddy"

For “Wild Nights with Emily,” writer/director Madeleine Olnek was granted special access by the Emily Dickinson Museum to craft a hilarious and touching reexamination of how history can be shaped by those who tell it.

Set in the mid-19th century, the film presents Dickinson at a time when she was writing prolifically, baking gingerbread and enjoying a passionate, lifelong affair with her friend and sister-in-law.

Comic Molly Shannon plays Dickinson in a bold reappraisal of the poet based on her private letters. While seeking publication of some of the 1,775 poems written during her lifetime, Emily (Shannon) finds herself facing a troupe of male literary gatekeepers too confused by her genius to take her work seriously. Instead her work attracts the attention of an ambitious woman editor, who also sees Emily as a convenient cover for her own role in buttoned-up Amherst’s most bizarre love triangle.

Wild Nights With Emily | Official Trailer
Trailer: "Wild Nights with Emily"

“Wild Nights with Emily” and “Buddy,” both of which are not rated, show through May 23.

Continuing to show at the Ross is “Red Joan,” the true story of the Soviet Union’s longest-serving British spy.

Based on the best-selling novel by Jennie Rooney, “Red Joan” stars Judi Dench as KGB operative Joan Stanley. After retiring in the suburbs, Stanley is arrested by the British Secret Service for her former work providing classified information on the atom bomb to the Soviet government.

As Stanley is interrogated, the film explores her life story, including how she quietly changed history through her decades-long role as a spy.

“Red Joan,” which is rated R for brief sexuality and nudity, plays through May 16.

Red Joan - Official Trailer - In Cinemas Apr 19
Trailer: "Red Joan"

For more information, including showtimes, call 402-472-5353 or visit the Ross website.

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