Ross features film celebrating Julia Child's career

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Ross features film celebrating Julia Child’s career

Preview: "Julia"

A film that honors the culinary brilliance of Julia Child is playing at Nebraska’s Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center. Continuing to show is “Faya Dayi.”

“Julia” tells the story of Child, a legendary cookbook author and television superstar who changed the way America views food, television and women. The film features never-before-seen archival footage, personal photos, first-person narratives, and cutting-edge, mouth-watering cinematography.

The film traces Child’s surprising path, from struggles to create and publish the revolutionary “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (which published in 1961 and has sold more than 2.5 million copies to date), to her empowering story of a woman who found fame in her 50s and a calling as an unlikely television sensation.

“Julia,” which is rated PG-13 due to brief strong language, sexual reference and some thematic elements, shows at the Ross through Dec. 9.

FAYA DAYI Trailer | VIFF 2021
Preview: "Faya Dayi"

Directed by Ethiopian-Mexican filmmaker Jessica Beshir, “Faya Dayi” is a black and white spiritual journey into the harvest of khat, a plant chewed for centuries as part of religious ceremonies.

Set in Beshir’s hometown, Harar, Ethiopia, follows a rural Oromo community of farmers as they harvest the plant, which is the African nation’s most lucrative and euphoria-inducing cash crop.

“Faya Dayi,” which is not rated, shows at the Ross through Dec. 2.

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