Riedesel gives back to advising community with award

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Riedesel gives back to advising community with award

Dr. Charles Riedesel
Dr. Charles Riedesel

Chuck Riedesel, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, always strives to go above and beyond his duties as an academic adviser, in part by rewarding others who do the same.

Last year, Riedesel created a new award for university academic advisers. The Dr. Charles Riedesel Outstanding Academic Advising Award is a $1000 award that recognizes an exceptional faculty or staff member who directly delivers advising services to undergraduates. The 2017 award will be presented at the University Honors Convocation in April.

The Outstanding Academic Advising Award seeks to recognize individual academic advisers who care passionately about students, demonstrated by investing themselves in working with any and all students regardless of expectation of ability to adequately return appropriate thanks.

The award recognizes individuals for going clearly beyond the expectations of the job. The recognized adviser utilizes support, empowerment, coaching, counseling and guidance to enable students to succeed academically and in life.

Nomination applications are due Feb. 13. Applications should include a nomination form, a nomination letter, no more than four supporting letters, a current resume and a current job description.

Send application to academicaffairs@unl.edu.

Riedesel has been recognized previously for his own outstanding advising and was the recipient of the James V. Griesen Exemplary Service to Students Award in 2009.

“It was an honor to get that, and as time went along, I thought, ‘I want to turn this around,’” said Riedesel. “I no longer wanted to be the one doing the applying but the one doing the awarding.”

Two years ago, Riedesel was invited to serve on a selection committee for a smaller, internal advising award. Evaluating the applications made him realize how many others shared his dedication and passion for serving students.

“I value people in advising, and I think in many cases they’ve not been adequately recognized,” said Riedesel. “By having a substantial award and having it presented in an environment like the Honors Convocation, I think that will help bring some recognition.”

Riedesel said in the future he’d like to be able to create another award for advisors of student organizations to acknowledge their additional efforts and benefit the groups they serve. He also plans to continue to go the extra mile to support his CSE students in any way possible.

“I just keep trying to do the best I can,” Riedesel said. “If I can find a new service to give to students and give them a whole experience, then that’s what I want to do.”

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