Proposals sought for Water for Food conference

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Proposals sought for Water for Food conference

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The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute is seeking proposals for sessions for its 2023 Water for Food Global Conference, which will be held May 8-9 at Nebraska Innovation Campus.

The challenges of climate change, soil degradation, water access and management, economic disparity and conflict bring about extreme competition for urban and rural water. The topic for the 2023 Water for Food Global Conference is “Cultivating Innovation: Solutions for a Changing World,” and will focus on innovative ways to improve water and food security by increasing farmers’ and food and water systems’ resiliency to a changing landscape.

The two-day conference will provide a platform to explore win-win scenarios to support improved water use in agriculture and increase productivity at a variety of scales — from smallholders, collectives and coops to commercial farm operations — while preserving water resources for other human and environmental needs.

Throughout the conference, experts will share research results, case studies and perspectives on how we can achieve global food and water security.

For the conference, the institute seeks proposals on sustainable, scalable and adaptable to local contexts, involving all stakeholders in the decision-making process. The proposals are due by Sept. 30.

Learn more about the conference and proposal submissions.

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