Post-election discussion with experts is Nov. 12

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Post-election discussion with experts is Nov. 12

Election 2020

Experts from the College of Arts and Sciences will host a discussion for the results of the 2020 election at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 12 via Zoom.

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Kevin Smith, Leland H. and Dorothy H. Olson Professor and chair of the Department of Political Science, will emcee the discussion. He studies the biology and psychology of political attitudes and behavior.

The faculty members serving as panelists are:

  • Sergio Wals, associate professor of political science and ethnic studies, who researches immigration/race issues.

  • John Hibbing, Foundation Regent University Professor of political science, an expert in American government who is teaching class on the 2020 election and studies political psychology. He recently published “The Securitarian Personality: What Really Motivates Trump’s Base and Why It Matters for the Post-Trump Era.”

  • Elizabeth Theiss-Morse, Willa Cather Professor of political science, an expert on American government and author of “Political Behavior of the American Electorate,” which is updated after every election.

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