Participation in voluntary vaccine registry continues to grow

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Participation in voluntary vaccine registry continues to grow

A hand holds an "I've been vaccinated" sticker in the air with the Nebraska Union in the background.
University Communication

More than 70 percent of the entire University of Nebraska–Lincoln community are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

As reported through the university’s voluntary registry on Sept. 16, 84% of faculty/instructors, 76% of staff and 72% of students (those participating in on-campus courses this fall) have completed the vaccination process.

The totals — which follow on-campus, second-shot Pfizer vaccination clinics held on Sept. 16 — show continued growth of participation in the university’ voluntary vaccine registry. A previous report, released Sept. 3, showed 81% participation by faculty/instructors, 74% staff and 69% students.

The university’s Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccine Registry continues to be offered to the campus community. Students, faculty and staff who participate in the registry are exempt from the university’s weekly COVID-19 testing protocol.

Huskers not yet fully-vaccinated are encouraged to complete vaccination against COVID-19. The vaccine is available through the University Health Center or community-based options.

Learn more about vaccine availability and the university’s ongoing response to COVID-19.

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