Participants sought for project to improve couples' communication on infertility

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Participants sought for project to improve couples’ communication on infertility

Participants are needed to take part in a study to improve communication around couples’ infertility experience. The project is led by researchers in the Department of Communication Studies.

The study is open to couples that have experienced infertility issues for six months or longer and are at least 19 years old. The research will explore couples’ preferences for communication about fertility problems in their relationships, with partners, friends, family and health care providers.

Partners within each couple will participate in separate, one-on-one interviews to ensure that each partner’s perspective is thoroughly discussed. These interviews will take approximately 60-90 minutes at a location of each participant’s choice.

At the end of each interview, participants will receive a $10 gift card.

For more information, contact Angela Palmer-Wackerly, assistant professor, at or 614-561-9215; Jody Kellas, professor, at or 402-570-9063; or Heather Voorhees, graduate student, at or 218-371-6762.

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