Parking permit preorder available online starting April 15

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Parking permit preorder available online starting April 15

The UNL parking permit preorder period begins April 15.

Permit orders can be completed online for fiscal year faculty/staff (July 1 to June 30), academic year student (Aug. 15, 2014 to Aug. 16, 2015), nine month (Aug. 15 to May 15), and fall semester (Aug. 15 to Dec. 31).

Over the counter orders begin June 1 for faculty and staff and July 1 for students.

Parking fees will be unchanged for UNL permit holders, said Dan Carpenter, director of Parking and Transit Services.

Students, faculty and staff can order permits at, logging in with existing My.UNL account username and password combinations. The My.UNL username and password are the same used to log into Blackboard, campus email and Active Directory.

A change in vendors has resulted in an upgrade of the online ordering system for UNL parking permits. Carpenter said the changes are primarily administrative and involve how the system handles permit orders and payments. Users should notice very few differences when ordering online.

“The primary upgrade faculty and staff will notice is an expansion of payroll deduction options,” Carpenter said. “In previous years, those options were limited to paying the entire permit expense or dividing it into monthly payroll deductions.”

The new system allows users to set both the frequency (biweekly or monthly, depending on when faculty/staff are issued paychecks) and the total number of payments to cover the permit expense. The one-time credit card/cash/check and monthly options remain, however faculty/staff can opt to pay for the permit via payroll deduction in fewer months.

All payments must be completed within the dates a permit is valid.

“It really gives our customers the freedom to pick a payroll deduction term that best suits their needs,” Carpenter said.

Faculty, staff and students who order a parking permit are also eligible to receive a free StarTran bus pass. To receive the free pass, send email to

The online ordering system for parking permits experienced slow load times on April 15-16. The issue was resolved April 17.

Online preorders for fiscal year permits will be mailed to faculty and staff offices in June. Online preorders for nine-month or semester permits will be mailed in August.

Carpool permits for faculty and staff are available via over-the-counter purchases. Those wishing to become part of the carpool program can inquire about lots or garages available.

Other requirements for the carpool program include:

  • A carpool application must be completed and returned by one member of the carpool.

  • All members of the carpool must be employed with UNL as regular full time, benefits eligible staff and live off campus. Spouses and cohabitants are excluded.

  • After acceptance each carpool member must complete a permit application (all vehicles used by carpool members must be included on the application).

For more information about UNL parking permits, go to

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