Parking access expands after peak hours

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Parking access expands after peak hours


Campus parking access for permit holders is expanded during late-day hours for permit holders.

Permits are required in designated lots and garages during set daytime hours. During late day and evening hours, permit holders may park in additional campus areas. A complete list of expanded parking options and hours is detailed online.

Parking and Transit Services offers a variety of parking permit options. Any vehicle parked in a designated campus area, including surface lots and parking garages, must display a valid permit.

Standard parking permits apply to set surface or garage parking for the selected purchase period. Cost is prorated accordingly. Permit options can be found and purchased online. Permit decals or hang tags will be mailed to the address provided during the purchase process. A link to a printable temporary permit is included in a confirmation email. Print and display this permit on the front dashboard of your vehicle until your regular permit arrives in the mail.

Occasional Parking Permit packets for Area A are also available and provide access to 10 single parking days, with a date selection capability. Order these permits online and they will be mailed to you. Details and purchasing can be done online.

Temporary permits include one day, one week, two weeks, three weeks and one month options. They are available for Area A, faculty and staff parking lots; and Area P, perimeter parking lots. Select effective dates at purchase. The temporary permit also is ordered online. It is not mailed, but must be printed and placed on the front dashboard of your vehicle. Temporary permits are non-refundable.

Parking enforcement is in operation and citations will be issued for violations.

If you have questions, call Parking and Transit Services at 402-472-1800.

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