Nov. 8 NCLUDE meeting to highlight new direction for learning communities

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Nov. 8 NCLUDE meeting to highlight new direction for learning communities

Aerial photo of Love Library on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's City Campus.
Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing

The Nebraska Community of Learners — Understanding Diversity through Education will host its first in-person meeting of University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning community, noon to 1:30 p.m., Nov. 8 in the Nebraska Union, Centennial Room.

The session will introduce a new direction for the learning communities and involve committed colleagues across the university to collectively reimagine what Huskers can do to lead and learn as part of the #NCLUDE community. Chancellor Ronnie Green will also share reflections on how this work aligns with the university’s N2025 strategic plan. All are invited to register and participate in this session.

“We achieve collective impact for diversity, equity, and inclusion when we each do our part to inform ourselves, reflect on how inequity and exclusion function in our lives, and recognize everyday actions that can collectively make a big difference,” said Jennifer PeekMease, assistant vice chancellor for inclusive leadership and learning. “Our ‘Reimagine and Reconnect’ meeting on Nov. 8 offers our community a chance to build relationships and find ways to do that work in committed, supportive communities with the support of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.”

The mission of NCLUDE is to promote inclusive excellence by leveraging the voices, specialized knowledge, skills and experiences of each member. This is accomplished through intentional reflection, curiosity, and encouragement with the vision of being a supportive inclusive community that is strengthened by differences, innovation, risk-taking and conversation.

Registration is required to take part in this experience. Individuals who cannot attend can learn more here.

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