Next session of Fit + Fueled begins Aug. 20

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Next session of Fit + Fueled begins Aug. 20

The next session of Fit+Fueled runs Aug. 20-Oct. 11.
The next session of Fit+Fueled runs Aug. 20 through Oct. 11.

Registration is open for the next session of Fit + Fueled, which starts Aug. 20.

Fit + Fueled is an eight-week program that provides the university community guidance and accountability on their journey to become healthier and feel better for the rest of their lives. The next program runs Aug. 20 through Oct. 11 with an all-inclusive cost of $80 for students, members and the general public.

“You find partners in your journey and you get a lot of encouragement from everyone around you — not only the instructors of the class, but the peers in your group,” said Kristen, a participant in the current session. “We all struggle with very similar things and so we talk very openly about those things. There’s no shaming, no judgment in the group, and that helps you feel more secure and able to accomplish the goals that you want to accomplish.”

The session includes:

  • An instructor-led fitness class each week open only to Fit + Fueled participants.
  • Weekly personalized workout plans crafted by an exercise specialist.
  • A nutrition consultation to gain insight into participants’ lifestyle, goals and challenges related to nutrition.
  • A weekly “Fueled” series to learn about the relationship between the body and food, benefits of food as fuel and how to cook it.
  • A community of other individuals with similar goals.
  • Unlimited access to a team of professionals — including a registered dietitian, exercise specialist and personal trainer.

“It’s right where I work. It’s close to me. I can come in the morning, work out, and then go to work right away,” Kristen said. “I also like the fact that its wellness-based, instead of strictly exercise-based or strictly dietary-based. It mixes both of them. That’s really what I needed — the support in both areas of my life, not just one.”

The program was started in response to the Wellstream Health Risk Assessment completed by faculty and staff each November. Weight loss and weight management consistently rank near the top of issues for university employees. The goal of the Wellness Initiative is to support the well-being of faculty, staff and students by building community collaboration and bringing awareness to resources on campus that support wellness.

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