New typography refreshes University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s visual identity

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New typography refreshes University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s visual identity

Lockup factory updated for campus units; old font package should be removed from computers
Image of the three new fonts for UNL marketing and digital materials. From left, Work Sans, Source Serif 4 and Oswald.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has selected a new typography package to serve as part of its visual identity.

Launched in early September, the university’s current marketing and digital typefaces are Work Sans, Source Serif 4 and Oswald. The font Liberator remains from the previous typography package.

The change allows the university an opportunity to refresh its brand identity (having used the previous font package for nearly a decade) and as part of a budget savings measure.

The three new typefaces are all open source, meaning they are available for any use without charge. A copy of each font’s open-source license is included when downloaded here. Details regarding the university’s typography update, including a link to download the new typefaces, are available in the University Communication and Marketing Brand Guide.

All copies of the old font package — Gotham, Mercury and Tungsten — should be removed from university computers as they are no longer part of the university’s brand standards.

As part of the update, the University Communication and Marketing team has updated the UNL Lockup Factory — a service that creates a branded identity, allowing campus departments and units to identify consistently with the university.

The update replaces the 2,000-plus lockups that existed under the old font package. Departments and units can access the updated lockups with new fonts here. Departments and units that did not previously have a lockup can also create one through the online resource. Access the UNL Lockup Factory here.

For additional information regarding the typography update and the UNL Lockup Factory, send email to

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