NET to produce live broadcast of U.S. Senate debate

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NET to produce live broadcast of U.S. Senate debate


Nebraska’s PBS and NPR Stations will host a live, hour-long debate between Nebraska U.S. Senate candidates Ben Sasse, the Republican incumbent, and Chris Janicek, the Democratic challenger, at 7 p.m. Sept. 4.

The debate will originate from the Ron Hull Studio at NET in Lincoln and will be broadcast on NET’s television and radio channels, as well as live streamed at and on the NET Nebraska app.

Dennis Kellogg, NET news director, will moderate the debate while a panel of journalists asks questions of the candidates.

The debate is part of NET’s “Campaign Connection 2020” coverage, a multi-platform effort that focuses on Nebraska contests and issues, as well as the race for the White House.

The “Campaign Connection 2020” webpage is home to election-related “Signature Stories,” as well as links to national media coverage, podcasts and political party blogs, all designed to help Nebraskans make informed decisions.

Also this year, NET News and our “Harvest Public Media” partners will be reporting as part of the national “America Amplified: Election 2020” project that aims to listen to and amplify the voices of those in diverse communities across the nation.

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