Nebraska unwavering in supports for international students

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Nebraska unwavering in supports for international students


University of Nebraska–Lincoln leaders voiced continued support for international students following a July 6 announcement by the federal government.

As outlined by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, international students pursuing degrees in the United States may have to leave the country or risk deportation if universities switch to online-only courses. At this time, the policy is not expected to impact Nebraska students as the university is moving forward with plans to offer in-person, on-campus instruction during the fall semester.

The university's response included statements of support from Chancellor Ronnie Green, student leaders from all University of Nebraska institutions, and Josh Davis, associate vice chancellor for global affairs and the university's senior international officer.

"UNL is committed to supporting our international students from more than 125 countries around the world," Green said in a Twitter post. "We're glad they call UNL home and we'll continue to do all we can to ensure their success."

The message from student leaders, including Roni Miller, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's student body president, directly addressed the confusion and worry the announcement may have caused.

"...we want to reassure the thousands of international students across the University of Nebraska system that they have our full and united support," the student leader statement said. "We want these students — our friends and classmates — to know that they are deeply valued members of the university family, who enrich our campus communities, add great value to the academic experiences and contribute significantly to our local economies."

In a retweet of Green's post, Davis said Global Nebraska remains proud to work with faculty and staff across the university in supporting international students. He also urged those students with concerns to reach out to the International Student and Scholar Office.

And, multiple international students — including Gabriela Carmona, a doctoral student in entomology from Brazil, and Nouredin Nouili, a sophomore from Germany — responded favorably to the messages from university leaders.

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