Nebraska Today newsletter schedule updated through Jan. 20

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Nebraska Today newsletter schedule updated through Jan. 20

Image of the Nebraska Today website on Nov. 17.
The Nebraska Today website will continue to be updated regularly through the Thanksgiving holiday, winter shutdown and spring pre-session.

The publication schedule of Nebraska Today will shift with Thanksgiving break, winter shutdown and the spring pre-session.

During the week of Nov. 21, the Nebraska Today e-newsletter will publish on Nov. 21. It returns to regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday publication on Nov. 28, continuing through Dec. 16.

There will be no Nebraska Today newsletters from Dec. 19 to Jan. 5.

For the spring pre-session, from Jan. 2-20, Nebraska Today will publish on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The start of the spring semester on Jan. 23 signals the return to the e-newsletter’s regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday publication schedule.

Newsletter publication dates between Nov. 21 and Jan. 20 are: Nov. 21, Nov. 28, Nov. 30, Dec. 2, Dec. 5, Dec. 7, Dec. 9, Dec. 12, Dec. 14, Dec. 16, Jan. 6, Jan. 10, Jan. 13, Jan. 17 and Jan. 20.

Readers can also follow campus updates on the Nebraska Today website or submit news items here.

For more information, contact Troy Fedderson at or 402-472-8515.

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