Nebraska Extension initiative aims to strengthen beef industry

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Nebraska Extension initiative aims to strengthen beef industry

Dave Fitzgibbon | University Communication
Video: Nebraska Extension's Integrated Beef Systems

Nebraska Extension is working with producers statewide to conduct trans-disciplinary integrated beef systems research and education.

Click the video above to learn how the work is an example of how the university is working to fulfill its N2025 strategic plan aim to offer impactful research and creative activity.

As the university enters the third year of the strategic plan, campus leaders recently gathered to discuss progress made toward the document’s six aims and related goals. Videos from the discussions are being released through April 25 with a weekly theme tied to each of the N2025 aims. The second video published March 28 with a focus on the university’s work to expand research and creative activity.

Learn more about the N2025 Strategic Plan and the experiential learning aim.

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