Nebraska Business students earn academic honors

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Nebraska Business students earn academic honors


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s College of Business recently recognized 196 students for their academic performance during the 2019-20 school year with the Clifford M. Hicks, LeRossignol and William Gold scholar awards.

“These awards honor our students’ hard work and dedication to their education,” said Kathy Farrell, James Jr. and Susan Stuart Endowed Dean of the College of Business. “We are proud of how they challenged themselves and showed resilience working toward their goals of leading the future of business.”

Named for the founder of Gold and Company, the William Gold Award recognizes the top members of the freshman class. From last year’s class, 60 students received the award. All earned a cumulative grade-point average of 4.0.

For their academic excellence and achievement, 41 sophomores earned the Hicks Award. Hicks dedicated 43 years of service to the business college, including 18 years as the chair of the Department of Business Organization and Management.

Ninety-five juniors whose academic performance was at the top of their class earned the LeRossignol Award. Named in honor of James E. LeRossignol, the first dean of the business college, the award recognizes students for their academic accomplishments during their junior year.

“A longstanding tradition in our college, these awards celebrate our students’ success as they pursue their degree and look to the future,” said Jen Mostek, director of business advising and student engagement. “We are happy to not only recognize them for their efforts, but to continue supporting them toward personal, academic and career success.”

The following students received one of the academic awards. They are listed alphabetically by hometown, with their major(s) and award name.


  • Ashland: Oleksandra Chekulaieva, international business, Hicks
  • Aurora: Sydney Shaw, management, LeRossignol
  • Bellevue: Elizabeth Foral, economics, Hicks; Madeleine Grimm, actuarial science, Hicks; Nathan Peterson, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Bennington: Paul Keatts, actuarial science and finance, Hicks
  • Blair: Carli Pfeil, marketing, LeRossignol
  • Cairo: Macy Baldwin, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Chester: Justin Tietjen, accounting and agribusiness, LeRossignol
  • Columbus: Lucas Bogus, management, LeRossignol; Haley Faust, management, LeRossignol; Mason Stahl, actuarial science, Gold
  • Cozad: Sydney Lindstedt, finance, Gold
  • Denton: Grayson Wegene, international business, Hicks
  • Deshler: Braelyn Isernhagen, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Eagle: Trent Lockard, finance, Gold
  • Elgin: Hunter Reestman, accounting, Hicks
  • Elkhorn: Dylan Bay, accounting, Gold; Abigail Butler, marketing, Gold; Robert Khorram, finance, Gold; Kate Mathison, business administration, Gold; Morgan Reinecke, accounting, Hicks
  • Fremont: Morgan Filter, accounting, Gold
  • Friend: Emma Niemeier, marketing, Gold
  • Grand Island: Dominic Pfeifer, finance, Gold
  • Gretna: Broderick Diez, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Harvard: Ray Nierman, business administration, LeRossignol
  • Hastings: Hunter Stewart, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Hickman: Raymondins Jr., actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Kearney: Brooke Eschenbrenner, actuarial science, Hicks; Kollin Goff, management, Gold; Porter Pearson, business administration, Gold; Kaleb Strawhecker, economics, Hicks
  • Kenesaw: Ryan Denkert, business administration, Gold
  • La Vista: Alexis Delos Reyes, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Lincoln: Amjad Awlad Thani, supply chain management and analytics, LeRossignol; Caleb Bowman, accounting, LeRossignol; Haley Claussen, accounting, Gold; Joseph Dawson, accounting and marketing, LeRossignol; Kate Dean, management, LeRossignol; Madison DeRiese, finance, LeRossignol; Charles Easley, finance, Gold; Camdynn Ellis, business administration, Gold; Morgan Framke, business administration, Gold; Stephanie Herridge, actuarial science, Hicks; Simon Hovis, business administration, LeRossignol; Alexis Hruby, business administration, LeRossignol; Blake Ingamells, finance, Gold; Taylor Jarvis, accounting and economics, LeRossignol; Jacob Jesske, accounting, Gold; Emily Kraai, accounting, Hicks; Katrina Leger, actuarial science, LeRossignol; Chao Li, accounting, LeRossignol; Jonathan Logan, accounting, Gold; Anthony Luu, finance, Gold; Logan Massey, accounting and finance, Hicks; Kyle McMichael, accounting, LeRossignol; Lillian Soucie, management, Hicks; Caroline Startzer, finance, LeRossignol; Nguyen Thai, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Nelson: Eric Schiermeyer, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Norfolk: Brian Saravia Mejia, supply chain management and analytics, LeRossignol; Miles Morrissey, finance, LeRossignol
  • Omaha: Emily Alston, marketing, LeRossignol; Connor Boyens, business administration, LeRossignol; Lauren Brockmeier, accounting, Hicks; Seth Brokaw, actuarial science, Gold; Katherine Ciesielski, accounting, LeRossignol; Cameron Claborn, supply chain management and analytics, LeRossignol; Logan Connealy, accounting, Hicks; Ryan Doyle, business administration, Hicks; Ava Dunne, actuarial science, Hicks; Samuel Edstrand, economics, Gold; Jacob Feuker, supply chain management and analytics, LeRossignol; Cristopher Fishback, actuarial science, Gold; Gavin Grabill, actuarial science, LeRossignol; Simon Hay, finance, LeRossignol; Steffanie Hitz, accounting, LeRossignol; Garrett Hustedt, management, Gold; Rachel Jendro, finance, Hicks; Lauren Jirovsky, finance, Gold; Alexis Johnson, accounting, LeRossignol; Ben King, accounting, LeRossignol; Lauren Kubat, accounting, LeRossignol; Samuel Lilly, management, Gold; Cole Lyons, accounting and finance, LeRossignol; Samuel McCoy, actuarial science, LeRossignol; Jackson Ostergaard, accounting, LeRossignol; Michael Pallesen Jr., accounting and finance, Gold; Alexander Reilly, accounting, LeRossignol; Tyler Royal, accounting and finance, Hicks; Riley Schinzel, actuarial science, LeRossignol; David Shurtliff, accounting, LeRossignol; Brea Stenger, business administration, Gold; Joshua Thiele, actuarial science, LeRossignol; Jillian Tucker, accounting, LeRossignol; Katherine Wiebelhaus, marketing, LeRossignol; Elli Young, business administration, Gold
  • Papillion: Julia Paschal, finance, LeRossignol; Jackson Roesler, accounting, LeRossignol; Mallory Sotak, marketing, LeRossignol
  • Plattsmouth: Cooper Moore, finance, Hicks; Kathryn Woerner, economics, LeRossignol
  • Roca: Landon Kennedy, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Scottsbluff: Grace Heggem, economics, LeRossignol
  • Superior: Megan Miller, business administration, Gold
  • Tilden: Kimberly Frey, accounting, Hicks
  • Waco: Weston Kelley, finance, Gold


  • Rogers, Arkansas: Abigail Liddell, finance, LeRossignol
  • Aurora, Colorado: Jenna Jordan, business administration, Gold
  • Centennial, Colorado: Caroline Milner, management and marketing, LeRossignol
  • Fort Collins, Colorado: Keegan Brady, management and marketing, LeRossignol; Peyton Walker, supply chain management and analytics, LeRossignol
  • Lone Tree, Colorado: Jacob Hansen, accounting and finance, Gold
  • Longmont, Colorado: Daniel Pearson, finance, LeRossignol
  • Monument, Colorado: Evan King, marketing, Gold; Hayden Lloyd, business administration, Gold
  • Parker, Colorado: William Mowery, supply chain management and analytics, Gold
  • Somers, Connecticut: Justin Talbot, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Belleville, Illinois: Marissa Cruse, economics, Gold
  • Downers Grove, Illinois: Connor Chapa, business administration, Gold
  • Glen Ellyn, Illinois: Joseph Peraino, accounting and finance, Hicks
  • Huntley, Illinois: Peter Murray, finance, LeRossignol
  • Palatine, Illinois: Giancarlo Cimaglia, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Plainfield, Illinois: Thomas Rouse, business administration, Gold
  • South Elgin, Illinois: Austin Ams, business administration, Gold
  • Carbon, Indiana: Kennedy Johnston, economics, LeRossignol
  • Ankeny, Iowa: Jack Bearden, management, LeRossignol; Zachary Buhman, actuarial science, LeRossignol; Jason Dirks, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Council Bluffs, Iowa: Tom Westenberger, economics, LeRossignol
  • Hull, Iowa: Audrey Kreun, accounting, Gold
  • Sergeant Bluff, Iowa: Justin Lang, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Basehor, Kansas: Alyssa Richardson, finance, Hicks
  • Kansas City, Kansas: Abigail Grimm, accounting, Gold
  • Lawrence, Kansas: Paxton Brittingham, management, Hicks
  • Leawood, Kansas: Elizabeth Anderson, management and marketing, Hicks; Thomas Wolfe, international business, LeRossignol
  • Lecompton, Kansas: Ethan Bradford, business administration, Gold
  • Lenexa, Kansas: Madelyn Patterson, marketing, Gold; Nicholas Wallenburg, accounting, Hicks
  • Olathe, Kansas: Ryan Hakim-Abdollahi, accounting, Hicks
  • Overland Park, Kansas: Sydney Holsinger, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Shawnee, Kansas: Andrew Shank, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Sterling, Kansas: William Weiner, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Topeka, Kansas: Luke Gomez, economics, LeRossignol
  • Wichita, Kansas: Zane Todd, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan: Ashley Zugay, economics, LeRossignol
  • Auburn Hills, Michigan: Zeshang Tang, finance, LeRossignol
  • Chaska, Minnesota: Ellis Roth, marketing, LeRossignol
  • Eden Prairie, Minnesota: Olivia Dohmen, management, Gold
  • Edina, Minnesota: Maria Boman, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Lynd, Minnesota: Abigail Johnson, management, LeRossignol
  • Maple Grove, Minnesota: Caleb Druckemiller, actuarial science, Hicks; Mikalie Sides, business administration, Gold
  • Menahga, Minnesota: Thomas Aman, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: Megan Chaffey, actuarial science, Hicks; Anders Trelstad, economics, Gold
  • Minnetonka, Minnesota: Chadwick Brown, management, Gold
  • Plymouth, Minnesota: Jonathan Wackerman, finance and management, Gold
  • Prior Lake, Minnesota: Amanda Fuechtmann, supply chain management and analytics, Hicks
  • St. Paul, Minnesota: Jay Silgen, accounting, Gold
  • Savage, Minnesota: Cade Schanzenbach, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Woodbury, Minnesota: Jacob Olson, accounting, LeRossignol; Caden Pratt, finance, Gold
  • St. Charles, Missouri: Alberto Quesada, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Weldon Spring, Missouri: Samantha Markus, marketing, LeRossignol
  • South Orange, New Jersey: Spencer White, finance, LeRossignol
  • West Fargo, North Dakota: Payton Hanson, accounting, Hicks
  • Morrow, Ohio: Kadin Haenes, actuarial science, Gold
  • Norman, Oklahoma: Gretl Wagner, actuarial science, Gold
  • Brandon, South Dakota: Emily Cushing, actuarial science and finance, Hicks
  • Brookings, South Dakota: Cydne Munson, actuarial science, Hicks
  • Canton, South Dakota: Scott Peterson, business administration, Gold
  • Dakota Dunes, South Dakota: Olivia Kieffer, management and marketing, LeRossignol
  • Pierre, South Dakota: Jessica Weber, economics and finance, LeRossignol
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota: David Berman, marketing, LeRossignol; Nicholas Billion, accounting and finance, LeRossignol; Maxwell Chedester, business administration, Gold
  • Kingwood, Texas: Michael Preston, finance, LeRossignol
  • Lucas, Texas: Matthew Ringler, actuarial science, LeRossignol
  • Burke, Virginia: Michaela Webb, economics, Gold
  • Bothell, Washington: Decker Bobin, finance and marketing, Hicks
  • Grafton, Wisconsin: Katherine Lamb, management and marketing, LeRossignol
  • Oshkosh, Wisconsin: Raechel Oostenbrug, finance, LeRossignol
  • Sussex, Wisconsin: Jayme Soderbeck, business administration, Gold
  • Wausau, Wisconsin: Paige Brandenburg, business administration, Gold
  • Brusque, Brazil: Luiza Goncalves, international business, LeRossignol
  • Jiangbei, China: Ruiqi Ma, accounting, LeRossignol
  • Xi’an, China: Yuting Ren, finance, LeRossignol; Yimeng Zhao, finance, LeRossignol
  • Bad Nauheim, Germany: Moritz Muller, business administration, Gold
  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia: Min An Ong, international business, LeRossignol
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Siaw Tey, management, LeRossignol
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Quan Nguyen, finance, LeRossignol
  • Nha Trang, Vietnam: Hong Nguyen, actuarial science, LeRossignol

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