NCLUDE meeting to highlight body positivity and mental health

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NCLUDE meeting to highlight body positivity and mental health

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Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing

The Nebraska Community of Learners — Understanding Diversity through Education will host its first meeting for the fall semester, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Sept. 29.

For the virtual session, Nia Patterson will discuss the intersections of disability, neurodivergence and body-based identity. They will present their promising practices and allow participants time to ask questions and engage in discussion. Additionally, Big Red Resilience will offer insight and resources that can help individuals find support related to body-based identity and wellbeing.


The session will center the connection between bodies, mental health, and equity to help attendees center the importance of bodies to individual identities as well as the way people interpret the identities of others. Registration is now open on the NCLUDE website.

Nia Patterson is a well-respected Black and queer mental health advocate, social activist, artist, content creator, podcaster and business owner. They are the creator behind @TheFriendINeverWanted and the artist behind @SelfLoveToolChest. They are also the host and producer of the Body Trauma Podcast and on Instagram @bodytraumapod.

Patterson’s work is mainly centered around the Eating Disorder Recovery, Fat Activism, LGBTQIA+, and Self Love communities. They are passionate about advocating for people in marginalized bodies and seeks to bring resources to those who do not readily see representation and healthcare for themselves.

“While UNL has existing initiatives that address mental health and equity, Nia’s work offers us a rare opportunity to address the intersections between the two,” said Jennifer PeeksMease, assistant vice chancellor for inclusive leadership and learning. “She reminds us that our bodies matter and the way we treat them can be a force for much-needed change in society.”

The presentation is free and open to the campus community.

Individuals interested in facilitating a NCLUDE session in 2022-2023 should send email to

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