N2025 plan to broaden university's engagement in Nebraska, beyond

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N2025 plan to broaden university’s engagement in Nebraska, beyond

Video: N2025 Conversations — Aim 4, Broadening Nebraska's Engagement

Engagement lies at the heart of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s land-grant mission. And, through the N2025 strategic plan the university is focusing that engagement, building on successes and strengthening outreach to Nebraska, the world and alumni.

As the university enters the third year of its strategic plan, campus leaders gathered to discuss progress made toward the document’s six aims and related goals. Videos from the discussion are being released through April 25 with a weekly theme tied to each of the N2025 aims.

The N2025 strategic plan includes six aims. Each of the aims will be featured weekly through April 25. The fourth video (above) is focused on expanding engagement.

The fourth discussion, available below and on the N2025 website, is focused on what is colloquially known as “Aim Four,” which calls for the university to “broaden Nebraska’s engagement in community, industry and global partnerships.” Video stories highlighting engagement success will be released April 13.

“While it won’t be a surprise, one of the things we found out through our discovery process is that our university values engagement quite highly,” said Kathleen Lodl, associate dean and program leader for Nebraska Extension. “We are connecting with communities, schools, businesses and industry, as well as stakeholders, to help them solve problems and create better lives for Nebraskans.”

At the core of the aim is that the university engagement be focused on relationships and reciprocity that built upon the belief that every person and interaction matters.

Aim Four includes three goals for the university:

  • Earn designation as a Carnegie Community Engagement campus:
  • Increase by 10% annually the number of faculty with an engagement apportionment: and
  • Grow alumni giving by 5% annually.

Lodl said the university has formed a co-creator team to gather data for the Carnegie application. The data will also be used to gauge overall engagement, identify areas of improvement and determine a direction for the future.

The team is on track to complete the Carnegie application by the fall, with a final submission deadline of April 2023.

The discussion also highlights recent updates to the university’s global engagement, including the launch of a “Forward Together” strategy; and work being done to better engage alumni.

Rural Fellows Ahmed Al Rawahi (left) and Laruent Ikuzwe moved cattle to pasture with Gothenburg residents as part of the Rural Fellows Program in summer 2021.

Key examples of engagement success discussed by the leaders in the video include:

  • Work by students in Community and Regional Planning students to partner directly with leaders statewide to develop community improvement projects. These include a downtown revitalization for David City.
  • Creation of a pilot program between the College of Business and Lincoln’s Standing Bear High School.
  • A focus by multiple colleges to build engagement into promotion and tenure standards and annual reviews.
  • Creating programs that help prepare students for future careers while also filling industry needs. These include News Net Nebraska and Jacht Lab in the College of Journalism and Mass Communication; the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center; and the various clinics offered in the College of Law.
  • Forging partnerships with entrepreneurs and industry through Nebraska Innovation Campus.
  • Better track and record community/civic engagement on student transcripts.
  • Developing a study abroad experience for students in the First Husker program.
  • Connecting students to assist area non-profits.
  • Students from across the university assisting communities through the Rural Fellows Program.
  • Connecting Huskers to assist and learn from Lincoln’s Yazidi population.
  • The impacts of Husker Athletics through their respective sporting arenas and work in the Lincoln community.

Learn more about Aim Four and the N2025 strategic plan in the video above and here.

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