Mumps confirmation prompts campus advisory

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Mumps confirmation prompts campus advisory

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The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has confirmed a case of mumps on campus. A second probable case has also been reported.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is advising the campus community to monitor personal health after two cases of the mumps — one positive, the other probable — have been reported.

Mumps fact sheet. Click to enlarge.

Both cases involve students who live off campus. All precautions to isolate the patients have been taken to minimize potential that the illness spreads. The campus community is encouraged to practice preventative measures, including:

The university does require the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine series for all admitted students. The vaccine prevents most, but not all, cases of mumps. Also, individuals who have had mumps are usually immune.

Mumps is a highly infectious disease passed through saliva and respiratory secretions. Symptoms include tender swollen glands below the ear and/or along the jawline on one or both sides of the face and neck; headache; fever; and other cold-like symptoms. Additional information on the illness is available through the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

The University Health Center, 550 N. 19th St., is prepared to assist students with questions or concerns. Any student experiencing mumps symptoms should call 402-472-5000. For general questions about immunizations for mumps, contact the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department at 402-441-8053.

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