Mentors, mentees sought for new Staff Mentorship Program

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Mentors, mentees sought for new Staff Mentorship Program

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Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing

The Department of Organizational Development and Training within University Human Resources is launching a new staff mentorship pilot program.

The Staff Mentorship Program will focus on three specific needs for staff members:

  • Current supervisors who would like to develop their effectiveness as people leaders,;

  • New staff members who would like to grow their understanding of the university or higher education;

  • Current staff members who would like to improve their job effectiveness in their current position or advance to a new one.

The program will follow the academic year timeline starting with an orientation and training session on Sept. 28, one-on-one mentoring meetings occurring one to two times per month from October through April, and a wrap-up event in April. Applicants must be fulltime and regular or temporary/benefits eligible employees in order to qualify for the program.

“Providing mentorship opportunities for our staff members is key to retaining our employees and for meeting the aim of professional development in the N2025 strategic plan,” said Mike Zeleny, vice chancellor for Business and Finance. “I also hope our experienced staff members will seriously consider participating as mentors. Every employee here at Nebraska deserves someone in their corner to support and guide them.”

Strong training and support resources will be provided to both mentees and mentors. Resources include how to prepare for mentorship sessions, how to set goals for the mentorship experience, a sample meeting agenda, and more.

“One of the most important aspects of a successful mentorship program is strong support resources. Mentees and mentors can be confident they will receive support and guidance throughout the process,” said Celeste Spier, director of organizational development and training.

Interested mentees and mentors can apply here. by Sept. 18.

If you know someone who would make a great mentor, please consider sending their name to the program organizer. A personalized invitation will be sent to them to encourage their application. Questions and mentor referrals can be sent to Celeste Spier at

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