Love Library opens exhibit on Husker women’s athletics

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Love Library opens exhibit on Husker women’s athletics

Husker women practicing dance in physical education class
Alice Deweese / Archives & Special Collections
Husker women practicing dance in physical education class, circa 1900-1904.

Bounding over hurdles in billowing bloomers. Posing proudly with trophies and letter-sweaters. Hustling for the soccer ball on a field where Love Library now stands. These are only a few of the images of women athletes featured in a new exhibit opening at Love Library.

Opportunity & Opposition: A Century of Women’s Athletics at the University of Nebraska is now open on the second floor of Love Library South. The free public exhibit was curated by Traci Robison, assistant professor of practice and outreach archivist, and designed by graphic designer Erin Colonna.

Presenting action-packed historical photos and archival documents, Opportunity & Opposition traces the rich and complex history of women’s athletics, from an 1883 petition for equitable opportunities through the initial impact of Title IX. The exhibit highlights how prevailing ideas about women and competition, the administration of women’s athletics, and funding decisions shaped opportunities. Quotes from the athletes themselves, along with items they created, also provide insights into how they viewed sports as part of college life.

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