Lorius dives into architecture, hands-on experiences

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Lorius dives into architecture, hands-on experiences

One second with a Husker
Video: One second with Emily Lorius

Emily Lorius, an architecture major from Olathe, Kansas, fills her time with extracurriculars and coursework.

Watch a month in her life, from raising money for Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha through Huskerthon to spring break in Canada, and catch up on her Husker experience.

Talk about why you applied to Nebraska. Was there a specific moment, or someone or something that pushed you to apply and enroll?

I applied to Nebraska because when I was in high school, I did an architecture camp here where I stayed on campus and toured Lincoln and did projects with a couple of grad students and really enjoyed my experience. I also loved the campus and college and could see a future for myself at Nebraska.

Where does your passion for architecture come from?

My dad is an appraiser, so growing up, he would have me help him calculate the square footage of houses, which led me to design floor plans for their dream house. My passion for it grew as I took some interior design classes in high school and would always be looking at architecture when we traveled.

How has your experience getting involved at the College of Architecture and in internships shaped your college experience?

One of my major goals was to get involved on campus at UNL, which I’ve done in many ways. Specifically for architecture, I’ve gotten involved as a college ambassador, student blogger, mentor for the Learning Community and more. These experiences have helped me build relationships with others and grow my skills to take part in internships. I worked with BCDM Architects last summer and that shaped my college experience by learning Revit and getting the opportunity to use that program now in college.

Tell us about your favorite hands-on experience you’ve gotten at Nebraska.

My favorite hands-on experience was a design competition within my studio class where we designed a single-family affordable housing concept for an investment group in Bertrand, Nebraska. We learned a lot about the design process for a true client, which was a unique experience for a studio project.

Who or what inspires/motivates you?

My parents are my biggest motivators. They’ve also supported and encouraged me and I’m thankful for that. They motivate me to work hard in all that I do and to take advantage of the many opportunities that are provided to me.

Explain HuskerThon to someone who may not know what it is and tell us about how your involvement has impacted your time at Nebraska.

HuskerThon is a 13.1-hour event we put on for the Miracle Children from the Children’s Hospital in Omaha. All year, we raise money to put on this event and donate to the Children’s Hospital. At the event, we celebrate the kids and give them a day to have fun and be a kid without the worries of the hospital for a day. Being a part of this organization, and being on the executive board, has made an impact on my time at Nebraska because I’ve gotten to take some ownership of a club that’s making a difference both on campus and in our community. One of my best friends, Em Paquette, was a miracle child when she was younger so I’m glad to make a difference for the Children’s Hospital, because without it, I wouldn’t have my friend Em today.

What’s something you love about being a Husker that can’t be captured on camera?

I love the relationships that I’ve made on campus. I’m so close with peers, faculty, professors and more. There is never a lack of someone to say hi to or that you know on campus.

Is there someone who has impacted your time at Nebraska?

Leslie Gonzalez from the Student Success office in Architecture Hall has had a big impact on my time at Nebraska. She has always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try for new opportunities and take advantage of what comes my way. She has encouraged me as a College Ambassador and Peer Mentor and Student Blogger. She’s always willing to support me in any way I need whether that be moral support, reference letters, or more.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a Husker who wants to gain hands-on experience in their field?

Get involved on campus really early! I like to tell people to take part in at least one passion-based club and at least one major-based club. These clubs will give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience early in college and you can find ways to connect different experiences to your field.

What do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

One thing I hope to accomplish in my lifetime is to design and stamp off on my own architectural project after I receive my architectural license.

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