Logan-Peters unrolls blueprints of Nebraska U with Faculty 101

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Logan-Peters unrolls blueprints of Nebraska U with Faculty 101

Preview video: Faculty 101

Welcome to season 3 of Faculty 101, a podcast that offers a listen into the pursuits and perspectives of Husker faculty.

Hosted by Mary Jane Bruce, these stories explore how our faculty got here, what they’ve learned along the way, and why they do what they do at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Listen: Faculty 101 with Kay Logan-Peters

Bruce recently paged back in time with Kay Logan-Peters, architecture librarian at Nebraska, to learn how the university arose from a dusty prairie to become the institution now known as the home of the Huskers.

Logan-Peters traces the university’s historical milestones via cornerstones, highlighting some of the buildings that came to define both City and East campuses. She describes a 1914 referendum on whether to move the university, details the rise of Memorial Stadium a stone’s throw from the original Nebraska Field, and stitches together the “patchwork quilt” of the university’s architecture.

Later, Logan-Peters shares some perspectives she gained while compiling a book on the university and the insights she contributed to a virtual reality-based reconstruction of the institution’s first building, University Hall.

The Husker alumna and longtime employee also recounts her own history through the lens of the university, from unicycle-riding bookworm to English major to professor of University Libraries.

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