Libraries, ag researchers expand Nebraska U's culture of collaboration

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Libraries, ag researchers expand Nebraska U’s culture of collaboration

Harkamal Walia checks the progress of wheat growing in the Lemna Tech High Throughput Phenotyping facility at the Greenhouse Innovation Center on Nebraska Innovation Campus. He is discussing the plant with other researchers on the grant. From left is Toshihiro Obata, Hongfeng Yu and Qi Zhang. Not pictured are researchers Chi Zhang and Gota Morota.
Craig Chandler | University Communication
Harkamal Walia (second from left), a researcher in agronomy and horticulture, discusses wheat growing progress in the Lemna Tech High Throughput Phenotyping facility at Nebraska Innovation Campus, with colleagues (from left) Toshihiro Obata (biochemistry), Hongfeng Yu (computing) and Qi Zhang.

Collaboration across disciplines is a priority at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Click the video below to learn how the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources’ Ag Research Division and the University Libraries are helping to further a culture of collaboration and help the university meet goals related to the N2025 strategic plan.

Video: IANR and Libraries on the university's culture of collaboration

As the university enters the third year of the strategic plan, campus leaders recently gathered to discuss progress made toward the document’s six aims and related goals. Videos from the discussions are being released through April 25 with a weekly theme tied to each of the N2025 aims. The third video published April 4 with a focus on the university’s interdisciplinary work.

Learn more about the N2025 Strategic Plan and the experiential learning aim.

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