Larsen finds home in front of Sea of Red

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Larsen finds home in front of Sea of Red

One second with a Husker
Logan Larsen (second from right) cheers at a Husker football game.

Logan Larsen, a psychology student from Lincoln, Nebraska, has spent his time at Nebraska in front of the best college sports fanbase. Outside of cheerleading, he also conducts undergraduate research with NU Learning and Development Research Group and gives back through Camp Kesem.

Watch a month in his life and catch up on his Husker experience.

Video: One Second with Logan Larsen

Talk about why you applied to Nebraska. Was there a specific moment, or someone or something that pushed you to apply and enroll?

My application to UNL occurred during my high school’s “Apply to College” day, and I did it with all of my other classmates. I remember the application being easy, and I thought to myself this seems like a typical thing to do for someone who has lived in Nebraska their whole life. At that point I did not know that I was going to be on the cheer team, and was ready to embrace the next stage of my life. I only applied to Nebraska and one other school, and from there it was an easy choice! I wasn’t ready to leave yet.

Where does your passion for cheerleading come from?

I got my passion from cheerleading in high school, during a pep rally my freshman year. There were two boys on the team, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Hey, I could do that.’ From that moment onward I have fallen in love with the sport, and every element of it. Prior to that I was never involved, and cheer finally gave me something to put my time and energy towards. That investment kept paying off, and so I kept myself devoted and fell further in love with the sport.

How has your experience on the Husker Spirit Squad shaped your college experience?

Being a member on the Husker Spirit Squad truly has opened so many doors to new relationships, opportunities, and experiences that I will cherish forever. It also has kept me busy, and thank goodness! Coming into college being from Lincoln, it feels like you have to stay attached to your high school, but my membership on the squad helped me develop and mature into the person that I am today. It also has instilled the best support system that I could ever ask for, and my teammates are always people I can depend on no matter the circumstance. Without them, I don’t know what I would be up to.

What was a defining moment in your time on the Husker Spirit Squad?

There isn’t just one! The first that comes to mind is the first home game my freshman year, the year males, stunting and tumbling were all brought back. I remember the anxiousness and excitement, as we were making history and I got to be a small part of it. Another really important moment for me on the squad has been the youth clinics. I coach at Cheer Xpress, a local All-Star cheer gym, and getting to see those kids cheer at a Husker basketball game was the best of both of my worlds. Most recently, my time in Ireland with the squad. Getting to go abroad, and seeing how many Huskers traveled, was a testament to our fan’s loyalty and dedication, and made me appreciate being a small part of the game-day experience.

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

My favorite part, hands down, about being on the team is being surrounded by the best people I have ever met. Each teammate is a genuine friend, and they are people that I can be authentic with and share happy and sad moments with. My next favorite part would have to be being the best-structured fan out there! Getting to be on the field and court for games has been a privilege, and as a huge fan of sports it makes the experience even more awesome.

Talk about balancing classes, practices and your other on-campus activities.

I am honestly still trying to figure it all out! Kidding, kind of. I am a person who kind of goes with the flow, so I will do things as they come to me. I have never been the type to use a planner, but I like to keep track of things to do in my notes app on my phone. If something can be done immediately I like to do it as soon as I can, and that help alleviates the stress of always feeling like something is coming up. Choosing a good class schedule is always key, and that is something I have figured out at this point in my college career. I am not a morning class person!

Who or what inspires/motivates you?

When it comes to cheer, easy: My teammates, particularly my other male teammates. We are pretty competitively friendly, and it ensures we’re never slacking off at lift or practice. In life? That’s tough. I would say the desire to create a fun, healthy life keeps me motivated. I want to be able to have free time to enjoy new hobbies, and that gets done by being a hard worker. My family, especially my mom, also keeps me motivated. She’ll be proud of me no matter what I do, but making her proud is still a key motivator.

What’s something you love about being a Husker that can’t be captured on camera?

One of my favorite things about being a Husker, and those who are Huskers, is their hospitality and kindness to everyone. Nebraska nice is a real thing, and I think a lot of people take it for granted. When fans come from away games I always see other Huskers being genuine, asking how they’re doing, and overall being great people. Having got the chance to be on the other side of that I can tell you that hospitality is not always reciprocated.

Is there someone who has impacted your time at Nebraska?

Dr. Julie Masters, who I took ‘Death and Dying’ from my freshman year. She was an excellent teacher, who taught an excellent class, which made me appreciate the education I was receiving. Prior to the class it felt like I was going through the motions with school, but after I realized what could be gained from truly engaging with what I was learning. Additionally, and this is more of a what than a who, but the program Camp Kesem has been really impactful in my time here. Getting to be a camp counselor this past summer opened my eyes and also introduced me to the most authentic, empathetic and kind people I know.

What is one piece of advice you would give to Husker interested in pursuing their passion outside of the classroom?

My one piece of advice for those interested in pursuing a passion outside of the classroom is to take the leap! There are always so many opportunities to get involved with something, you just have to rack up the courage and get yourself there!

What do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

Loaded question for someone who is thinking only 30 minutes ahead! Most immediately, be a great teammate and end my senior year knowing I gave my all to the Spirit program. Eventually I want to be a dentist and help those who are underserved. Additionally, I hope to continue to find hobbies and interests to which I can devote myself. Most recently I have been getting into volleyball. I would love to stay a coach, and continue to help develop and reveal the talents of young cheerleaders.

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