Kiewra pens guide for parents of talented children

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Kiewra pens guide for parents of talented children

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Kenneth Kiewra
Kenneth Kiewra

In “Nurturing Children’s Talents: A Guide for Parents,” educational psychology professor Kenneth Kiewra offers parents a road map to help children reach their potential.

For the book, Kiewra studied Olympic gold medalists, chess champions, baton twirlers, rodeo stars and many others to identify the early experiences, environmental factors and parental contributions that contribute to talent development.

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This is Kiewra’s first book aimed at lay audiences. Kiewra, professor of educational psychology, believes talent is made, not born, and that parents are in prime position to help their children discover and develop talent in any activity that has sparked the child’s interest.

“Dr. Kiewra combines his research on learning and giftedness to give parents helpful tools and advice to optimize their children’s talent development,” wrote reviewer Paul Olszewski-Kubiliusm, director of the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University. “As a parent of a daughter whose talent I knew nothing about, I wish I’d had Kiewra’s book to guide me.”

Kiewra is a nationally recognized expert in study skills, as well as talent development. He authored three previous academic success books for students and teachers. He is an international speaker on the topic of talent development, has had his talent development and study skills research published in numerous professional journals and has been interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and Rolling Stone.

“Nurturing Children’s Talents: A Guide for Parents” was published earlier this year by Praeger, a scholarly nonfiction imprint of ABC-CLIO publishing company. Learn more about the book..

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