Karri promotes change through ASUN, studies

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Karri promotes change through ASUN, studies

Abhi Karri checks the temperature of liquid in a beaker in a laboratory exercise.
Craig Chandler | University Communication and Marketing
Abhi Karri checks the temperature of liquid for a life sciences lab assignment.

Editor’s Note — This is part of a student conversation series featured on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Medium page. The series highlights Huskers who are making positive impacts on campus, in their outreach work, and career paths.

Through his work with the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska and on-campus involvements, Abhi Karri,  a biochemistry major from Omaha,  is building out supports for students and working toward his goal to address the world’s biggest challenges. University Communication and Marketing’s Katie Black sat down with Karri to discuss his motivations and future plans.

Why did you want to be part of ASUN student government? Is there anything you’d like to do as part of your newly elected role as the senator of the College of Arts and Sciences?

As an Indian-American student, I saw joining ASUN as a significant chance to advocate for and uplift the voices of our diverse community within student government. Serving as senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, I am committed to working closely with student organizations and ASUN to develop initiatives that promote diversity and amplify the voices of underrepresented students on campus

Talk about being part of FCLA. How did that impact your freshman year? Any favorite memories?

Becoming a part of FCLA was one of the most impactful decisions I made during my freshman year. It was an unforgettable journey marked by growth, meaningful connections, and empowerment, opening doors to new opportunities and inspiring me to aim higher in setting my future goals. I highly recommend every incoming freshman to apply, as FCLA offers a unique and transformative experience.

One of my fondest memories from FCLA was our fall retreat, where we shared personal stories and forged deeper bonds with each member. This retreat not only strengthened our connections but also emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships grounded in mutual understanding and support.

How do you hope to use your biochemistry degree to accomplish your goals?

My aspiration to use science to address global challenges is deeply tied to my goal of becoming an ophthalmologist. Through a biochem degree, I aim to apply scientific knowledge to address disparities in global health, with a focus on vision care. Medicine merges this innovation with compassion, offering me the opportunity to directly enhance individuals’ lives by preserving and restoring their vision. By integrating research with clinical practice, I envision contributing to global efforts to tackle vision-related issues and improve access to eye care, especially for underserved communities.

You’ve been able to get hands-on research experience working at UNMC. How has that helped supplement your learning?

Abhi Karri poses for a photo in the Nebraska State Capitol. He was recently elected as a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences in ASUN.
My hands-on research experience at UNMC has been crucial in developing my scientific skills and confirming my career aspirations. Working in the lab has given me practical insights into applying biochemistry concepts, enhancing my critical thinking abilities, and deepening my understanding of medical sciences beyond classroom learning. This firsthand experience has solidified my passion for biochemistry and affirmed my pursuit of a career in the medical field.

Is there anything you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

I aspire to become an ophthalmologist and contribute to global vision health initiatives. My ultimate goal is to establish clinics offering affordable eye care to marginalized communities, integrating my passion for healthcare with community service. Additionally, I envision delving into public policy alongside my medical career to advocate for addressing health disparities at their roots, ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare for all.

What or who inspires you?

My mother, who works as a senior accountant at Goodwill, is my greatest inspiration and role model. From a young age, I’ve witnessed how her dedication to helping others through her work has made a tangible difference in our community. She exemplifies the values of hard work, integrity, and kindness, showing me the importance of giving back and making a positive impact. Seeing my mother’s commitment to her job and her genuine care for others motivates me every day. Her example has instilled in me a deep sense of purpose and drive to approach my own endeavors with diligence and empathy. Although in a different field, I aspire to follow in her footsteps, aiming to contribute meaningfully to society and emulate her values of integrity and service in all aspects of my life.

What is your advice to other students looking to make an impact on campus?

My advice to fellow students aspiring to make an impact is to dream big and set ambitious goals. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and aim for targets that inspire you. Most importantly, stay open to learning from experiences and continuously seek growth. By pushing your limits and striving for a significant change, you not only elevate yourself but also contribute positively to the campus community.

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