Jordan Axani to present ‘What’s Your Big Lie?’

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Jordan Axani to present ‘What’s Your Big Lie?’

Jordan Axani
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Jordan Axani

Jordan Axani will lead a discussion on his groundbreaking mental-health program, “What’s Your Big Lie?,” at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3 in the Nebraska Union Auditorium. The presentation and discussion will be followed by a mini-workshop.

“What’s Your Big Lie?” is based on the premise that each person is living a “big lie” — something immense that people hide from the world, even though it defines them — and that it’s OK. The “big lie” is often the source of the anxiety, worthlessness, hopelessness and pain that people carry around every day.

Part of Axani’s presentation gives students the opportunity to send out live anonymous posts about their “big lies,” which gives them comfort in knowing they are not alone. Axani follows this by providing a workshop on mental health with resources and tactics for students to use.

The event, sponsored by UPC Nebraska, is free for students with a valid NCard and $5 for faculty, staff and the public.

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