Innocents Society, Mortar Board members inducted for 2024-25

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Innocents Society, Mortar Board members inducted for 2024-25

Twelve college students in red robes with red sashes pose on the plaza east of Memorial Stadium.
Thirteen students were inducted into the Innocents Society during Ivy Day ceremonies April 13.

Students, faculty, administrators and a community member were honored by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln at its annual Ivy Day ceremonies April 13.

The event, co-sponsored by Mortar Board and the Innocents Society, recognized outstanding contributions of students selected to serve in the two senior honorary organizations, as well as the achievements of current members and notable underclassmen and seniors.

Ceremonies took place at the Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall auditorium and concluded with the traditional planting of the ivy by the 2024-25 presidents of the societies — Hayley Moree of Papillion for Mortar Board and Charlotte Brockman of Gooding, Idaho, for the Innocents Society.

Brian F. Hastings, president and chief executive officer of the University of Nebraska Foundation, delivered the keynote address.

Honorary memberships in the Innocents Society were presented to Rodney D. Bennett, 21st chancellor of the university, and Hernan Garcia-Ruiz, associate professor of virology and associate director of the Nebraska Center for Virology.

Honorary Mortar Board memberships were presented to Dee Dee Anderson, vice chancellor for student affairs, and Haley Waggoner, specialist in the Government Relations Department at Special Olympics International.

Twenty-eight college students in black robes with gold sashes pose on the staircase east of Sheldon Museum of Art.
Thirty-one students were inducted into the Black Masque Chapter of Mortar Board during Ivy Day ceremonies April 13.

The Innocents Society inducts 13 new members each spring, with selection based on leadership, academic achievement and service to the university and greater community. The Innocents Society was founded in 1903 to promote the spirit of the university and is the chancellor’s senior honorary. It is uniquely Nebraskan.

New members of Mortar Board are tapped into the Black Masque Chapter each spring by Mortar Boarders wearing black masks and robes. The 31 new members were selected based on scholarship, leadership and service.

Following is a list by hometown of the 2024 inductees into the Innocents Society and the Black Masque chapter of Mortar Board. Information includes each student’s academic major(s) and parent names.



  • Ehren Smolik, Mortar Board, mechanical engineering, Anton and Debra Smolik.


  • Avery Plessel, Mortar Board, marketing and management, Ron and Casey Plessel.


  • Landry Geiger, Mortar Board, computer science and mathematics (Raikes School), Jon and Julie Geiger.


  • Tram Ngo, Mortar Board, marketing and management, Chau Ngo and Trang Le.


  • Emme Parker, Mortar Board, biological sciences, Douglas and Laurie Parker.


  • Emma Bitterman, Mortar Board, biochemistry and French, Chad and Sarah Bitterman.


  • Brooke Bode, Innocents Society, mechanical engineering (Raikes School), Jason and Kelly Bode.


  • Charlie Brockmeier, Mortar Board, finance and accounting (Raikes School), Troy and Marti Brockmeier.
  • Makenna Henning, Mortar Board, management and supply chain management, Chadwick and Melissa Henning.


  • Myah Anderson, Mortar Board, special education (7-12), Justin and Jennie Anderson.
  • Tenley Katt, Mortar Board, finance and biochemistry, Jason and Susie Katt.
  • Jessie Nguyen, Mortar Board, nutrition, exercise and health science, Phu Nguyen and Yen-Phuong Pham.
  • Evada Palmer, Innocents Society, biochemistry (pre-medicine), Kory and Nichole Palmer.
  • Rohan Tatineni, Mortar Board, biochemistry, Satyanarayana and Syamala Tatineni.
  • Sophia Throener Rodriguez, Mortar Board, history and Spanish (pre-law), Dan Throener and Hazell Rodriguez.


  • Lexi Hauxwell, Mortar Board, biochemistry, Brent and Loretta Hauxwell.

Nebraska City:

  • Ellie Higgins, Mortar Board, secondary education, Stacie and the late Dr. Dion Higgins.


  • Victoria Chin, Mortar Board, computer science (Raikes School), Victor Chin and Jussan Chao.
  • Andrew Chlebinski, Innocents Society, chemistry and anthropology, Tim and Jen Chlebinski.
  • Nolan Connor, Mortar Board, biochemistry and Spanish, John and Libby Connor.
  • Naomi Delkamiller, Mortar Board, journalism, and advertising and public relations, Kory and Julie Delkamiller.
  • Naidaly Gonzalez Miranda, Mortar Board, agricultural leadership, education and communication, Wilfredo Gonzalez and Olimpia Miranda Cruz.
  • Kayli Pham, Innocents Society, speech-language pathology, Khoi Pham and Phuong Tran.
  • Luke Skrabal, Mortar Board, biological sciences and history, John and Maryann Skrabal.
  • Paul Suder, Innocents Society, biological sciences and French (pre-medicine), Matthew and Joy Suder.


  • Isabella Kessinger, Mortar Board, nutrition and health sciences, Alvin Kessinger and Christina Kerby Kessinger.
  • Hayley Moree, Mortar Board, biological sciences, Dale and Melanie Moree.
  • Abby Shih, Innocents Society, biochemistry and Spanish (pre-medicine), Tom and Beth Shih.


  • Crystal Carrillo, Innocents Society, biological sciences and Spanish (pre-medicine), Servando and Yolanda Carrillo.


  • Erin Case, Mortar Board, computer science, Todd and Carri Case.
  • Jake Schmid, Mortar Board, biochemistry, Scott and Dana Schmid.


Gooding, Idaho:

  • Charlotte Brockman, Innocents Society, agronomy, Jim Brockman and Marjorie Brockman.

Glen Ellyn, Illinois:

  • Jamison Smith, Mortar Board, music education, Carrie and Roelof Siepel and Tom Smith.

North Liberty, Iowa:

  • Spencer Knight, Innocents Society, civil engineering, Jeff and Summer Knight.

Waverly, Iowa:

  • Ellie Reznicek, Mortar Board, psychology, David and Karla Reznicek.

Wichita, Kansas:

  • Victoria Cocannouer, Mortar Board, music education, Tammy Cocannouer.

Woodbury, Minnesota:

  • Jackson Gaulke, Mortar Board, political science, Kevin and Rhonda Gaulke.

Chesterfield, Missouri:

  • Fagan O’Connor, Mortar Board, business administration (pre-law), Matt and Mena O’Connor.

St. Joseph, Missouri:

  • James Jura, Mortar Board, biochemistry, James Jura and Sibyl Downing.

Wentzville, Missouri:

  • Madelyn Craft, Mortar Board, actuarial science (Raikes School), Will and Jennifer Craft.

Pasadena, Texas:

  • Renata Cadena, Innocents Society, criminology and criminal justice, Carlos and Michelle Cadena.

Brookfield, Wisconsin:

  • Natalie Karrels, Innocents Society, supply chain management, Paul and Teresa Karrels.

Bento Goncalves, Brazil:

  • Nikolas Mancio, Innocents Society, finance and accounting, Hilton Mancio and Adriana Mainieri.

Kerala, India:

  • Hamdan Anwar Sayeed, Innocents Society, software engineering, Anwar Sayeed and Warda Anwar Sayeed.

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