Inclusivity, learning are focus of Nebraska's i2 Choir

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Inclusivity, learning are focus of Nebraska’s i2 Choir

Video: i2 Choir fall concert

A University of Nebraska–Lincoln-led arts project is providing music-making opportunities for individuals of all abilities.

Launched in 2013, the i2 Choir is an inclusive and intergenerational ensemble formed through a partnership between the Glenn Korff School of Music and the International Quilt Museum.

In the choir, musical growth is the goal as members work together to create high-quality music. All choir activities are intended to maximize learning for participants.

Offered in the fall, membership is open to any community member or groups (of up to four) who wish to sing with and support others with a variety of physical, sensory and cognitive challenges. Their work culminates in a concert and community sing.

Choir activites are led by Rhonda Fuelberth, associate professor of music.

Learn more about the i2 Choir.

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