Inclusive excellence is among top priorities of N2025 plan

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Inclusive excellence is among top priorities of N2025 plan

Vide: Aim 5 — Inclusive Excellence and Diversity

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is working across all colleges, departments and units to elevate inclusive excellence. That work is being actively honed through the N2025 strategic plan.

As the university enters the third year of the strategic plan, campus leaders gathered to discuss progress made toward the document’s six aims and related goals. Videos from the discussion are being released through April 25 with a weekly theme tied to each of the N2025 aims.

The N2025 strategic plan includes six aims. Each of the aims will be featured weekly through April 25. The fifth video (above) is focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The fifth discussion, available above and on the N2025 website, is focused on what is colloquially known as “Aim Five,” which calls for the university to “create a climate at Nebraska that emphasizes, prioritizes and expands inclusive excellence and diversity.” Video stories highlighting inclusive excellence will be released April 20.

“This aim is really about diversity, equity and inclusion, and how we can use these principles to improve the quality of our research, creative activity, teaching, learning and engagement in very intentional ways,” said Marco Barker, vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion. “And this is either through our programs or by eliminating barriers at our institution.”

The university is adopting an integrated approach to make progress toward this aim. Leaders believe that intentional integration will equip the institution to better solve challenges that face Nebraska and the world, while preparing students for a continually evolving workplace. At the core of the aim is creating an environment that emphasizes inclusive excellence and diversity and is a place that embraces the importance of every person and knows that every interaction matters.

Aim Five includes seven targets for the university:

  • Increase enrollment of first-time entering students from underrepresented ethnical/racial groups by 7%.
  • Increase enrollment of Pell Grant-eligible first-time college students by 8%.
  • Provide inclusive excellence professional education to 100% of instructors.
  • Increase participation of underrepresented gender, ethnic and racial employees in leadership development programs by 20%.
  • Provide inclusive excellence professional education to all new employees.

To move toward this goal, departments and units across the university are developing strategic plans that fit their individual cultures. Nebraska Today Q&As featuring these plans are available here.

Other key elements moving the university forward, each mentioned by Barker in the video above include:

  • Completion of a self-assessment through the APLU iChange cohort;
  • Conversations have started into what it means to recognize the university’s history;
  • Creating a space where every single person knows where to go if they are experiencing issues or difficulties on campus;
  • Launch of a diversity recruitment guide; and
  • Creation of a Native American and indigenous advisory board.

The video above also features diversity, equity and inclusion successes and planning within each of the institution’s colleges, department and units. Watch the video to learn more about the shift toward inclusive excellence.

Learn more about Aim Five and the N2025 strategic plan in the video above and here.

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